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10 – Work

Well, I’ve actually started moving over to my new building.  I packed up, moved and unpacked 10 boxes.  And I STILL have shit to pack up from my old cubicle.  And I have to wait for my computer and my phone to be moved. 

And I couldn’t be arsed to do anymore packing.  UGH

However, there’s stuff that I just need to do, so I’ll work on it until they take my "assets" and move them, then I’ll take the time to get everything set up and begin again.

I’m hoping this proves to be a positive move.  I’ve got my reservations, but they have more to do with CHANGE than with any displeasure.

New year, new job, new [work] home.

Bring it on!

10 – Work

Well, back to work again.  not physically, but you know what I mean.

Still in limbo.  I know I’m moving to a new position, but no one knows when yet.  I assume it will be after the holidays.  We shall see.

Other than that, there is next to NOTHING to report about work.

I go.
I do something.
I go home.
Every few weeks I get paid.

Exciting, isn’t it?!


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Thursday Update

Work was long and boring, not much to really update there, EXCEPT…

remember Well, doing what I was “ordered” to do, I explored other avenues of getting this signal to a system that can’t handle it.

Well, the BRANCH HEAD of another department went to bat for me, and put an end to the whole thing. In less than 2 hours people! I was quite happy and even told the guy he was now my hero. I think I want to work for him now. It looks like he would support his people.

Anyway, that was work.

Home was an “interesting” story…

Last night was Back To School Night at Jake’s school. I took Nat over with me as this would be her first time at the school and attending one of their meetings. Her son has a different teacher, but they’re still in the same grade/wing, AND we had a lovely, lovely little tour guide (our other neighbor’s oldest daughter) get us to the right area, so all was good.

Jacob’s teacher is fabulous and I’m looking forward to hearing many wonderful stories about her and the class this year.

Nat and I came home in a pretty good mood.

When we got home, I noticed the boys had made a huge mess in the back yard with some boxes and paper. No big, Nat helped me clean it all up (did I mention she’s fab?) and get it away so it wouldn’t get rained on or fly through the neighborhood.

Well, while we were out there, Jacob comes flying out pretty much yelling at me for not coming in right away. I explained we were cleaning up the mess I told the kids to earlier. Well, he came flying over to me, gave me a huge hug and started crying! I thought he’d either gotten into trouble, had a fight with N or had a fight with his dad. He kept telling me that none of that had happened, he just missed me.

Yeah, right.

I missed him too, but I’ve been gone for longer periods of time with less “fanfare” upon my return. Something was up.

Well…turns out 4 car loads of rowdy, rude little fuckers teenagers were flying around the circle, causing mayhem and terrorizing the boys. They flicked them off and were yelling out the windows.

Well, N’s step-father is a police officer. He made his presence known and had a talk with some of them, apparently. And that was the end of it. He did give lisence plate numbers and descriptions to our local police department, but he did what any good cop (and FATHER) would do, he protected his kids.

Well, Jacob was terrified. He didn’t feel safe being with Inny, because when you’re scared, you want your Mommy (or PARENT) and his wasn’t home to protect him.

When Nat and I got the whole story out of Jake and Bill we reassured our boys that they would always be protected. Nat and Bill would protect Jacob like he was theirs and I’d protect N & K like they were mine. As parents, that’s what we do. OUR community is close and as I kept telling Jacob, “We love our kids on *** Circle”. All of them. ALL those kids are mine. Maybe not biologically, but I still feel a certain responsibility in keeping them safe…and I’m positive the other parents on that street feel the same way. And I consider myself lucky to live in a neighborhood like that.

Anyway…Jacob somehow had heard that there were unruly, muderous teenagers on the loose from Minnesota and he was terrified that they were gonna be on our street and break into our house.

We had to go around the entire first floor securing all the doors and windows. I re-explained the whole alarm system and other security measures, but he still felt the need to sleep with me.

I mean, he was so freaked, he didn’t want me to take a shower because I wouldn’t be RIGHT THERE with him.

I emailed his teacher this morning to give her a head’s up because he woke up in a miserable mood. After meeting her last night and her response to my email this morning, I know my boy’s in good hands, even when he’s not on our circle 🙂

I can’t wait until HE knows it too…

Pain Pain Go Away

I STILL have the damn nerve pain. It’s hovering around my shoulder, but has instances where it shoots down my arm to my elbow, wrist and hand (lot’s of thumb-numbness).

I did go to therapy yesterday and Monday. My therapist hurt me. He pushes on my neck in different spots and makes me move my arm around or my head up and down. Sometimes it makes me wanna cut my head off and other times, it’s total relief.

My kingdom for the pain to go away. I’m convinced I hurt myself YEARS ago and am paying for it now. I remember jumping on a trampoline and doing a flip and landing on my head/neck and REALLY hurting. That was when I was like 7 or so. I think I jammed myself then and it’s hurting now. It’s also my theory that I compressed my neck/spine in that fall and I’m really supposed to be like 2-3 inches taller. :-p

Started working 10s on Monday and I must say, it’s kicking my ass. There isn’t much time to do anything after work (although I did hit Staples and the library on Monday and had therapy last night). I don’t know now long I can keep it up…we shall see.

How do I get to sleep faster? I don’t want to take my muscle relaxers (because really, they don’t help with the effin pain anyway). I think I’ll start taking my melatonin again and start taking it at like 8 (after I get out of the shower).

Here’s hoping I can at least throw a load of laundry in tonite before I take Bobbie out to practice paralell parking. 🙂

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I can’t put it any simpler than that. I’m discriminated against because I’m a single mother.

This place makes me physically ill. I’ve eaten twice in the last three days and both times I’ve felt ill afterward. I’ve felt ill after eating for most of the last 2-3 months. And I KNOW it’s this place and not some sleeper disease.

I flipped out yesterday. I even tried to do the right thing and get up and walk away adn by the time I was finished with my walk, I was MORE pissed off than when I started.

I’ve already started packing up my desk and farmed out my resume (both to companies asking for a copy and to jobs that looked relatively interesting).

I’ve seen a few interesting positions posted in Jersey, but I don’t know my way around there, nor am I completely convinced I want to work in the “armpit”.

UGH, just get me the fuck outta here!

Jacob Visits the LBES

I had a legitimate excuse to have Jacob in here yesterday. We had a “company picnic” to the Phillies game and families were invited.

So, I brought Jacob to work with me yesterday and we got a tour of the LBES (obviously, since I work there, *I* didn’t need the tour, but you know what I mean) by Mr. Clancy.

Jacob loved it and really wants to be an engineer now. LOL

Jacob with the LM2500

Jacob with SCU

Jacob and Clancy

Jacob and The Guys

If you look closely, you’ll notice one of the guys is flicking the bird. I was NOT amused, and yelled at him this morning. He did apologize and thankfully, it’s a digital pic, so I can “edit” it when I feel up to it.

Overall, it was a good time and Jacob was a lot braver than he’d previously been (floors are grated).

Take Your Child To Work Day

Since I’m not allowed to bring my son in here anymore (bastards), I took my neighbor’s daughter.

Bobbie and I had a grand time. She loved touring the test site and getting all the info from the guys (Dan, Joe, Joey D). We even had lunch with them. 🙂

Jacob was friggin PISSED that he couldn’t go. I don’t blame him, but what can I do?

I’ll tell you. I’ve made tentative plans to bring him in on a Friday over the summer. Will keep in contact with Dan and try to determine what’s the best day and I’ll take the day OFF but bring Jacob in so there’s no bullshit about it being a work day for me.

Pictures below…(I just realized I didn’t get any of her and I together!)

Bobbie with the SCU

Bobbie and Dan

Bobbie and one of the engines

Bobbie and Joe

Bobbie and the guys

Bobbie and Joey D

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