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Weekend Drivel

Well, I had a relatively decent weekend.

Friday Night, I dropped Jacob off with his dad (NOT a normal “daddy weekend” but he has a TKD tournament this weekend and asked to switch). After dropping Jake off, I went and hung out with my Scrapping Ladies. We had a great time crafting and giggling (I was cross stitching). Stayed out a bit too late, but I guess I needed it.

Saturday, I went to breakfast with my friend, Susan. Susan and I were BEST friends in 3rd grade. Then, for some reason, we just grew apart. And I don’t remember ever seeing her again. That is, until we ran into each other at IKEA a few weeks ago. It was nice to reconnect. We had a lovely pancake breakfast at the Tyler Aboretum and a nice walk around the place. We even got a tour on how maple syrup was made!

Afterward, ran home for some personal time. During the drive home, I noticed my brakes making some SERIOUS noise, so I took my car to Pep Boys. I dropped my car off at 2 p.m. I got my car back at 10 a.m. Sunday. $317 for brakes, rotors and oil change. GREAT price, I know, but still a punch in the wallet.

Since I was stuck at home, I spent the rest of Saturday cross stitching and watching movies. Somehow knocked my hip out of joint (it goes in and out quite regularly, especially if I sit cross-legged on the couch or a bed). Went to bed about midnight.

Sunday I woke up early (9 or so) and walked up to get my car. I threw in a load of laundry, folded another load and putzed a bit before I left and was STILL at Pep Boys by 10 (I really don’t think it was a long walk).

My legs/hip were quite sore all day. I KNOW the walk was a good thing, but the soreness sucks.

After getting my car, I attacked my craft room. I’ve pretty much got the furniture where I want it, it’s organizing and decluttering that drive me nuts. Trying to determine the best, most logical (Six Sigma?) way to set everything up. I think I’ve got an idea that works, so we’ll see how it goes. Spent part of the time organizing magazines to either be sold on eBay, given away or recycled. I don’t need to hang on to things that rarely get a re-read.

Got my peanut about 5. He was VERY upset to be leaving daddy. 😦 He had a great weekend with him. It’s times like this that I wish he lived closer so he and Jacob could spend more time together. He’s a boy. He needs time with his daddy.

Poor peanut 😦

But, Jacob and I had a good evening watching Little Monsters and cuddling on the couch. 🙂

Weekend Update

I don’t remember much of Friday. Not because it was yet another night drown by booze, but because it was pretty un-memorable. I do remember ordering food, getting a beautiful plate of cupcakes and blueberry muffins from Ms. Nat and going to Frau’s for some girl chat. It was fun, and I got home late.

Saturday we had a soccer game (KYA). Jacob did pretty well, but then again, I think a blind dog could have done well considering what chaos was there. The coaches apparently had NO clue how to play the game because they put EVERY KID on the field. Yeah, EVERY kid. There were like 11 kids per side. There are only supposed to be 6 on the field, per team.

It was a mess, but Jacob enjoyed himself (seriously, I think he enjoyed the hot dog and drink afterward LOL).

Then, we ran home so he could change out of the uniform (what uniform?!) and go to my mom’s.

We had a good time at the P. Township picnic. Stood in line for over an hour for food, but we don’t necessarily go for the food. The boys like the playground (they have a rock climbing wall!). While waiting for food, I let Jacob play on the playground (it’s fenced). Well, he apparently came looking for me and we [Mar-Mar and I] weren’t in the same spot as when he left (see, this is that confusing thing lines do…they move). I saw him and chased after him, but he didn’t answer me and went right back to the playground (SWINGS!) and I left him to swing. A few minutes later he spotted me in line and came over…crying. He thought I’d left him. 😦 Now, seriously, what mother would just ditch their kid, in a town he’s not familiar with? Certainly not I!!! I gave him a reassuring hug, promised him again, that I’d never leave him, EVER and we talked about this is why he’s supposed to have his phone on him. He stayed with us after that and helped us get food. My sister and nephew arrived shortly afterward and they boys took off and we had fun. We looked at a slew of rescue vehicles (including a rescue helicopter!) and ran into old friends. It was a nice time, albeit a chilly one.

Afterward, we went back to Mar-Mar’s for fun and dinner. The boys played outside some, but at one point, I showed my nephew my jewelry making supplies and he just went bonkers! He made everyone a good luck charm and was just drooling over my crystals (“are these REAL crystals?” LOL). I think I know what to get him for xmas this year. 😉

While we were doing that, Uncle Dan came down and it was instant energy (for the boys, not Uncle Dan). He took them outside and they played some more. They played “let’s try to dive bomb Uncle Dan with our foam airplanes”, and football and baseball and “Uncle Dan! throw it to me!!!!”. LOL Dan can really devote his time to playing with them and is really good about transitioning them so he can take a break. Even Auntie Chelle and I played outside (although, we were told it was a “guy zone” and we weren’t allowed to play…that OBVIOUSLY didn’t fly). Especially since Auntie Chelle hit the ball OVER and INTO the largest damn tree in the neighbor’s yard. End of baseball. LOL Uncle Dan did get it, so all was well.

Mar-Mar made a slammin’ spaghetti dinner and the ice cream sandwiches were a big hit for dessert!

I took home my mom’s photo album of stills from the plays she and my dad were in, as well as most of my dad’s “head shots”. While quite handsome, my dad was NOT always photogenic :-p I plan to put these into another album, but will need my mother’s help for names, dates and such as these were mostly before children pictures.

On the ride home, my sister pulled up beside me and asked us if we’d like to join that at McDonald’s. Of course that was a yes, so we stopped. Again, more fun (and food!), so the boys were happy and we got a bit of a “I’m tired! I’m hungry!” break.

We got home a little late, but crashed right out (Jacob’s been sleeping with me lately…I think something’s got him freaked).

Sunday was a late, but busy day. I slept until almost 11 (not uninterrupted tho). Jacob slept until about 8:30. When I got up, the laundry got started and Jacob was ready to play. I went outside to do something and Nat and Bill were bringing in some flooring. Jacob found K and he was set. LOL While Jacob played with, I ran to Home Depot to get some supplies to fix my pantry and make a temporary “counter” in the kitchen. My original plan went out the window when I got another idea. I think the idea will work, but will be a bit labor-intensive…oh well…it will be cleaner and nicer when done…at least, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I didn’t get to do the pantry, as I spent a good hour searching for the charger for my drill battery. So, I went outside and emptied out my shed, swept it out and cleaned and organized it. Looks a lot better now. Could still use some shelving/hooks, but at least it’s a start. Got a nasty splinter in my palm, but it eventually worked it’s way out.

After that task, I had found my charger, so my drill was partially charged. I made the temporary counter in the kitchen. it’s not great, because the wall board behind the stove/sink is crappy, but it does what I need, so I’ll be happy. If one of the cats decides to jump up on it, we may have a huge mess, but I just don’t care right now.

Besides laundry and building a shower caddy, I don’t know what else I “did”. I did chat with some friends online. Even a “friend” who I’d met on Yahoo! Personals. I believe his name is Steve. Very nice and easy to talk to. Maybe I’ll calm down and go on a date…we’ll have to see how worked up I get.

Boring Weekend

I did pretty much nothing this weekend.

Friday, I dropped Jake off with his dad (after signing him up for soccer). Then, came home and cleaned a bit. Then went to bed.

Saturday, I started well, did more cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry. Then K asked me to teach B how to parallel park (she tests for her lisence next month!). So, afterward, hung out with K and watched a couple of movies. We watched Premonition and some movie about shoes (with Cameron Diaz and Shirley McClain). Both were pretty good. Premontion was a bit choppy, but still good. I was surprised about the shoe movie. (It really wasn’t about SHOES, but about the sisters who have only a shoe-size in common).

Sunday, did more laundry, weeded my garden and pretty much vegged. Been icing my neck/shoulder since Saturday. It seems to be the only thing that works for the pain. So, thankfully, haven’t taken many pills since late Saturday night.

After laying in bed, unable to fall asleep, I heard one of my cats crying. LOUDLY. I couldn’t figure out WHY they were crying. They were both inside, had food and water and it was like 9:30. WTF?! So, I crawl out of bed and head downstairs. BLACKIE WAS IN THE WINDOW wanting to come in!

Blackie disappeared 2 weeks ago!

We were very happy to have him back. He made a beeline for the food bowls. LOL I made sure to call Jacob (with daddy until tomorrow) and tell him. He was VERY happy!

Of course, Blackie and Inny had to have their little games and she was slamming her door at 11:30 at night to keep him out of her room. Well, if you don’t want him in there, close your fucking door at night! I was PISSED when she slammed the damn door.

Needless to say, I didn’t get up until after 7 (usually up and out of the house by 0530). Which means I’ll have to stay at the shithole passed 1430. :-/

Pray the day goes quickly…

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