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Ortho Woes

Jacob and I both went to the Orthodontist last night.

Jacob’s going to need over $6,000 in ortho work. :-/


He needs expanders on both upper and lower jaw. He’ll have those on for 12-15 months and then he’ll need full braces for 12-18 months.

My poor baby. 😦

Oh, and that $6k? Yeah, that’s WITH insurance.

I called his dad to see how he wanted to handle this. I flat out said that I think he should help with the cost. He “said” that he would, but didn’t want to broach it until we HAD to. Which is September. 6 weeks, you bonehead.

How much you wanna bet he tries to get out of paying?

Why is ortho so damned expensive??? He’ll start about 6 months before mine ends. Ain’t it grand getting waylaid?

His adult teeth won’t even come in until there’s room for them, which means, if he doesn’t get the expanders, they either won’t come in or they’ll come in where they shouldn’t. What kid wants teeth issues on top of all other image issues???

Maybe I’m just over-sensitive since I’ve had my own issues with my teeth. But the kid’s already had surgery to pull two teeth and his tonsils and adenoids. Something should be easy, right?

As for me, they chained my top, 7-to-7 and the bottom (left) 3-to-7 to help everything align and close gaps. I’m still to wear the rubber bands (class 2) and I did. My mouth is quite sore right now. I’m pretty sure my teeth did a MAJOR shift in my sleep. OW!

However, they’re looking great and I’m excited. 🙂

Now, to be excited for Jake…he’s in for about 3 years of being seriously uncomfortable. 😦

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