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02 – Things To Improve

Oh, is this a list!

I haven’t done much from my last list, but I have done some.

I started using my Nascabal (sp) again.  Two weeks in a row, so far.  (and I was a day late this week, *sigh*)

My work ethic is still in the shitter, but I haven’t started the new job yet, so I keep falling into the "SCSH Depression" when I walk in (hell, it starts about 6 pm the night before!)

My house is a constant work-in-progress, but it IS in-progress.  I’d like to commit to moving a set of cabinets and then putting the microwave cabinet in the empty spot.  I need to borrow a saws-all and enlist another pair of hands (considering they have to be LEVEL) LOL

Me?  Again, "constant work-in-progress".  I should be back to walking with N in the evenings, so that’s good.  I’ve at least OPENED the Yoga DVD kit that I bought, now to at least view the DVD (to get an idea of what exercises I’ll be doing).

Well, I haven’t made any significant progress with my temper (had a screaming fit last night).  I have to stop letting little things build up until they become a big thing.  There are a lot of little things that jacob and I need to improve upon.  I just have to realize that they’re all not going to get fixed at once and overnight.  (UGH WHY?!)  Just be happy with progress!

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