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11 – The World Around Me/News

Well, the most prevalent bit of news I can remember is the shootings in Arizona.  Horrible.  And the stupid church that has been protesting at the funerals.  That’s an abomination.

The 9-year old victim was innocent.  But because she was Catholic, they feel the need to protest (they’re Baptist)…and "God hates Catholics". 


It’s this horseshit that drives me from the television.  (That and really crappy programs). 

I wonder if "God" enjoys all the atrocities committed in his name?

11 – The World Around Me/News

I was actually watching all kinds of stuff, but have since forgotten everything.

Mommy brain.

The most "newsworthy" bit of info I have is:

Cliff Lee will be returning to Philadelphia!

Seriously, that’s the only thing I can recall right now.  

How pathetic is that?

I mean, it bodes well for our baseball team, but is it really "newsworthy"?


The World Around Me/News

My friend, [info]nizzynizz, has turned me on to a rather novel idea (that she had gotten from elsewhere, lest we try to take credit).  You list 31 categories that you wish to blog about, assigning one per day.  You blog about your category on the same date each month.  It’s to both help bolster blog ideas and keep you organized.  Obviously, it’s a work-in-progress.  I’m not a "creative writer", but I borrowed some categories from Nizzy to get started.  I just haven’t come up with a good category to replace that one, yet…

I created my list this afternoon…

1.                 Hobbies
2.                 Things to Improve
3.                 Reflection
4.                 Health/Fitness
5.                 Upcoming Events
6.                 Education/School
7.                 Finances
8.                 Friends/Family
9.                 Entertainment
10.           Work
11.           The World Around Me/News
12.           Home
14.           Spiritual Life
15.           Beauty
16.           Habits
17.           Projects
18.           Blessings
19.           Frustrations
20.           Successes
21.           Jacob
22.           Looking Ahead
23.           Completion
24.           Me
25.           Good Deeds
26.           Trying Something New
27.           Purging/Cleaning/Organizing
28.           Socializing/Travel
29.           Relationships
30.           Maintenance
31.           Creative Writing

Well, I totally hosed making an entry yesterday, but there was good reason.

But I won’t tell you about it until the 21st :-p

I’m SUCH a bitch LOL

Anyway, I’m supposed to post about "the world around me/news", but to be honest, I don’t watch TV and rarely watch the news because it makes it VERY difficult for me to sleep. However, I know I just can’t stick my head in the sand and hide from it all, so I will make a more conscious effort to pay attention and get informed.

the one thing that bugs me is everything is so biased. Most especially the news. You can’t get a straight, honest answer anywhere and that pisses me off to no end.

anyway, I promise to have something REAL to write about next month.

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