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Getting Better

My nerve pain is doing much better. I wouldn’t really call it “pain” anymore, but more like “annoyance”. I can feel it start to pinch/pull and I stop…but if I go slowly, I can push past the pinch/pull and get full range of motion. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but damn it, I want my life back! (such as it was…)

Jacob got his appliance yesterday. He was very good at the ortho and is in relatively little pain. I’m very proud of him. 🙂 He’s having a bit of difficulty with speech and suffering from a little drooling problem at the moment, but the whole experience has been quite positive.

When I got home from work yesterday, the kids were playing in the front yard(s). I don’t know what posessed us, but Nat and I hopped on N’s and Jake’s bikes and went for a ride. We looked ridiculous! LOL But had a total blast. Makes me want to start riding mine again…hopefully soon.

I needed that bit of silliness. I had been fighting a migraine from lunchtime on and was just going to give into it and go to bed, but the enorphin rush of laughs and the ride REALLY helped keep it at bay. It wasn’t “gone”, but I didn’t feel nauseous or whiney anymore. Ah, the power of positive attitudes…

Regardless of the headache, both Jacob and I were out cold before 9 last night. How sad is that?!?! Jacob’s fighting allergies and I’m suffering from “female issues” so, I totally understand WHY we conked, but it wouldn’t be so bad if I actually felt rested this morning. Good note? I actually slept through until 5 am! Small miracles, but I’ll take ’em! 😉

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