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Ode To A Tattoo

Swirls of colored ink
A Butterfly in hiding
I love my tattoo

Nope, no Grecian Urns here.

I seriously got a tattoo.

No, seriously.  Color and everything.

My mother had given me a ring, quite a few years ago, that I’ve loved (and still do).  It’s totally my mother and me too.

It’s kinda hard to see, but it’s a bit of an abstract butterfly.  Not quite sure what the stuff is above the antennae and below the wings, but I assume it has to do with the construction of the ring.  However, the tattoo artist got creative.

I woke up Saturday Morning and just HAD to go get my tattoo.  I polled some friends to find the best place and was assured Studio 1 was the place to go.  I checked out their website and discovered they didn’t open until 1 pm, so I had just over an hour to kill.  *sigh*  I’m not a very patient person, which is why it was a “wake up and do it” kinda day.

I don’t remember HOW I killed that hour, but I did.  Drove to the studio and waited for nearly another hour.  In that wait tho, I was able to talk to the artist who adapted the design from my ring.  Discussed with him (and then the actual tattoo artist) about coloring.  Yes, I am a HUGE child and like color.  Sue me.

Soon enough, it was time for me to sit in the hot seat.  I wasn’t really nervous.  More a combination of excited and nervous.  Hell, I was so excited for this thing, I went BY MYSELF.  I don’t do crap like that alone!

Greg and I discussed what I wanted and where I wanted it.  I didn’t think I could get it where I *really* wanted it, so I had an odd spot picked out (because, who wants to be normal?).  Turns out, I *could* get it where I wanted it and we slapped the sucker (template) down.

I gave him a picture of how I wanted the coloring done.  Keeping in mind my picture was a watercolor and the tattoo couldn’t perfectly mimic that.

Again, we discussed that this wouldn’t be a perfect blending.  Then we got ta tattooin’!

I thought for sure that I’d jump once the needle hit my skin, but I didn’t.  I can’t watch when I have needles at the doctor and although I was fascinated by this process, I still couldn’t watch it all (I would get lightheaded if I watched, but if I looked around the room and babbled incessantly, I was fine.  Poor Greg.  LOL)

All tolled, it took about 30 minutes to get the tattoo.  It’s beautimous and I love it!  All for me and what I wanted.  It’s mostly in memory of my mom, but it’s totally for me.

What do you think?

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