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20 – Successes


I’m going to say my successes are getting Jacob DEcasted; bills paid; I cooked all but two nights in the last 2 weeks (one night was a visit to my mom’s and one was a treat); I got a new cell phone; my nephew’s got replace; my son’s got replaced; and I made appointments for physical therapy (Jake) and boosters (Cheetah).

Oh, and I actually went down to my craft room and started cleaning/organizing it.

I’m making progress.

And THAT is a sucesses to me 🙂

20 – Successes

I don’t really have many to speak of, so I will regale you with one of Jacob’s…

He came home with a piece of paper on Monday Night…

"Congratulations Jacob S.  You have qualified for Round 2 of our school Geography Bee!"

Say what?!?

I didn’t even know they HAD such a thing, let alone that my child would be competing!

He is only one of 33 6th graders to make it to Round 2 (one of two in his homeroom!).  He competes in Round 2 on Tuesday, January 4th.  If he makes it through the next few rounds, he goes to STATE COMPETITION!!! 

Say what again!?

Please, please, please cross your fingers that he does HIMSELF proud.  If he only makes it to Round 2, I want him to be ok with that.  (Yes, I want him to try his best, but this was a surprise boon, I don’t want him to put too much pressure on himself).

Needless to say, we are all WAY proud of him!

20 – Successes

I have a lot of those too!  LOL

I finished college and earned a damn good degree. 

I’m a good engineer (just don’t get to do actual engineering work anymore *sigh*). 

I got my teeth fixed.

I own my own home.

I own my car.

I’ve paid off Gimpy’s braces (and he hasn’t even gotten them yet!)

I have fabulous friends.

A wonderful family.

I have *some* time to craft.

I’m [relatively] healthy.

Gimpy is healthy and happy and smart and well rounded and loving and sensitive.

I want to add to this list.  The more that I think about it, the more these "Successes" sound like "Blessings"…maybe I need to re-vamp my category list…

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