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The Peanut

I am very proud of My Peanut.

He had a soccer game on Saturday morning. In the rain. ON a daddy weekend.

Daddy even came down to watch the game (and take The Peanut for the weekend afterwards).

The Peanut actually HUSTLED!

Even knocked a kid over for the ball!

Now, that seems like a rather odd thing to be proud of, but when you spend most of a kid’s life telling them, “No, SHARE!” it goes against everything needed to play a sport. Especially a sport where you’re SUPPOSED to steal the ball from another player (usually the other team, you *should* SHARE with your teammates…if they’re open 😉

He did get “yelled” at by the coach for not being where he was supposed to be, but then, the very next play, was praised for doing his job.

The Peanut’s team only has 10 players. TOTAL. 8 of which are on the field at any given time. 4 of which have asthma. Of which, The Peanut is one. (oh, and one child wasn’t able to make it to the game on Saturday, so that left ONE kid to relieve EIGHT).

HOWEVER, he hasn’t had to use his inhaler in almost a year!

Woo Hoo!!!

When they had diagnosed him with Asthma years ago, they mentioned that there was a slim chance he could “grow out of it”. Oh, you have NO idea how wonderful it is to actually SEE that slim chance. He may always need to have a rescue inhaler (he usually gets hit with a bad respiratory cold/infection/yuk every fall/winter) but it doesn’t look like he’ll need one for sports anymore!

I’m just very proud of my little soccer player. Crap, he’s not little anymore.

My GROWING soccer player. There, don’t have to admit he’s “big” 😉

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