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Pain Pain Go Away

I STILL have the damn nerve pain. It’s hovering around my shoulder, but has instances where it shoots down my arm to my elbow, wrist and hand (lot’s of thumb-numbness).

I did go to therapy yesterday and Monday. My therapist hurt me. He pushes on my neck in different spots and makes me move my arm around or my head up and down. Sometimes it makes me wanna cut my head off and other times, it’s total relief.

My kingdom for the pain to go away. I’m convinced I hurt myself YEARS ago and am paying for it now. I remember jumping on a trampoline and doing a flip and landing on my head/neck and REALLY hurting. That was when I was like 7 or so. I think I jammed myself then and it’s hurting now. It’s also my theory that I compressed my neck/spine in that fall and I’m really supposed to be like 2-3 inches taller. :-p

Started working 10s on Monday and I must say, it’s kicking my ass. There isn’t much time to do anything after work (although I did hit Staples and the library on Monday and had therapy last night). I don’t know now long I can keep it up…we shall see.

How do I get to sleep faster? I don’t want to take my muscle relaxers (because really, they don’t help with the effin pain anyway). I think I’ll start taking my melatonin again and start taking it at like 8 (after I get out of the shower).

Here’s hoping I can at least throw a load of laundry in tonite before I take Bobbie out to practice paralell parking. 🙂


Sleep Study

You mean I can blame being fat on being sleep-deprived rather than being lazy? WOO HOO! LOL

Seriously, I’m sure it isn’t helping. I HAVE gained 20 pounds in the last year and I can pretty much track it back to when I started this 6-2:30 schedule…

Gotta figure out how to get MORE sleep…

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