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Another Wasted Weekend


I had plans, people!

Productive plans!

Finish the effin Kitchen plans.

Fucking spring cold.


It hit me about lunch time on Friday. Just a weird, niggling cough. Nothing too bad. Then, by 2 or so, the throat started to hurt (when I swallowed). I can handle this.

By the time I got home from work and picking up the kids, I needed a nap!

By 5, when I took Jake to see his dad, I had a low-grade fever. 99.0. No big. Even stopped at IKEA to pick up two more cabinets. (decided I wanted to add a couple more cabinets, bite me).

By the time I got home, my fever was 99.5 and I was FREEZING. But, I had the cabinet to build and install, the insulation to put back on my dishwasher and the wall cabinet to move.

I wound up pulling the damn drain hose off of the dishwasher while I was gently pulling it out from under the counter. Flooded my fucking kitchen.

Thank goodness for chamois. That’s all I gotta say.

So, I said “fuck it” and went to bed. (after I cleaned up the water, I’m not that damn dumb, blondeness and fever notwithstanding).

I stripped down and crawled into bed.

Did I mention, Mother Nature decided to throw her fun into the mix???

by 10 pm, my fever was up to 100.1 and I couldn’t stop shaking.

Nor could I breathe, swallow, think or sleep.

I was up all fucking night.

At about 8, I gave up, got dressed and ran to CVS for some cold medicine (which I popped in the parking lot) and then to Home Depot to get a new hose clamp (those POSs they give you with the dishwasher suck). I got a marmon clamp, slipped that sucker on, tightened it and off I went.

Built the frame for my cabinet and then got VERY tired.

Damn meds!

So I crashed on the couch for about an hour.

Woke up foggy, but at least I slept, so I finished the cabinet and installed it. The drawer handles are a bit crooked and I still have to level the drawers themselves, but fuck it, it’s in.

And I was tired again.

So I crashed. For about 3 hours this time.

When I woke up, I ordered some dinner and then went to pick it up (after a trip to the pet store to get special food for my cat which she refuses to eat. Bitch).

Spent the evening screwing around on the computer, then took more meds and went to bed.

Actually slept!

Got up around 9 Sunday, but stayed in bed until close to noon.

Did laundry and other shit. Downloaded a trial issue of Microsoft Office Professional 2007. And their LiveOne security suite. Hopefully, the MSO Pro will let me reinstall MSO Pro 2003 and the LiveOne will keep my computer nice and clean.

Picked up Jacob around 5.

Took showers, watched the last Voyagers! episode, took more meds and went to bed.

I STILL have a low-grade fever.

Why won’t this effin thing go away?!?!

I have a lot to do when I get home tonite. Gather trash (and clean out litter boxes, ew), hopefully cut and install remaining counter top, and buy more cat food for the picky bitch.

Can ya tell I get cranky when I’m sick?

So, needless to say, I didn’t get the Key Lime Pies done that I wanted to make for my Kitchen Helpers. Or any of the 900 other things I’d had planned for the weekend.

Effin plans.


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