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Harry Potter

I took Jacob to see the 5th Harry Potter movie last night.

“IT WAS AWESOME AWESOME!” (as Jacob said)

They stayed very close to the book. Obviously, parts were deleted for time, etc., but they still did a fantastic job.

I’m still blown away by how mature all the kids are looking (the Weasley twins looked to be in their 20s, not their late teens!).

I’m still not convinced that Sirius Black is dead. I think there was some Polyjuice Potion switching going on…I’m just still not convinced.

After the movie, Jacob and came home and started reading book 6. I wanted to be up to date and refreshed for when book 7 comes out. I’m guessing that either both Voldemort AND Harry die or Voldemort and one of the Weasleys.

It’s funny to think that I had NO interest in the Harry Potter craze when the first book/movie came out. NONE. I had to be convinced to see the first movie. Badgered into watching it, really. But that was it. I loved it and immediately started reading the first book (bought the first 4 in hard back, through a book club, for less than $35!). I did the whole “pre-order” thing for the last 3. And I am champing at the bit for my last book.

Kudos to Ms. Rowling for writing such an entertaining and imaginative series. I haven’t been drawn to a series like this in a very long time. I’m just glad I’m not the only adult sucked into a children’s story! LOL

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