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*WARNING!!! Brain-dump ahead*


I SO need to stop re-arranging my basement (living room, playroom, basement, bedroom, etc).

I just can’t get the flow right. And I can’t work if the place is a disaster. At least, I keep telling myself if I get the craft room clean and organized, I’ll actually DO something (besides peek in there, go “oh, eff this” and leave).

I share a 26 x 17 basement with my son. I gave him the front half of the basement, because I don’t want him and his friends traipsing through my stuff to get to his playroom. However, his playroom is also the “family room”. Well, it’s where the main TV is (and the Wii). I rarely watch TV, but like to sit and watch something on the DVR or watch DVDs. WE do have a TV in the living room, but currently, it’s only cable-ready, it can’t be hooked to a DVD/VCR, etc.

With my tax return, I plan to buy a flat-panel for the living room and put the DVR/DVD/VCR, etc. in there. I’ll give the “just cable-ready” TV to my aunt for her room and take her little one and put it in Jake’s room (maybe).

So, if I put all the “family room” accessories in the living room, I won’t have to worry much about the playroom being a “family room” (just a side note: I HATE having a TV in the living room) and Jacob can have a bit more room down there to play. Actually, no extra “room” just less of “family stuff”.

My craft room is basically just a couple of desks, a sewing machine and organizing supplies (bookcases, shelves, boxes, etc.). I want it to flow so that I can access everything I need for a given project within a reasonable amount of time. Part of my problem is that I want it out-of-sight, so none of Jacob’s friends will be curious and want to touch (if I’m not down there); but I like my supplies to be IN sight, so I know what I have and possible gain inspiration from it all.


*wipes away tears*

Ok, sorry, better now.

I also hate setting all the furniture against the walls in a giant rectangle, but if I don’t, it doesn’t flow well enough. I’ve tried setting up “stations”, but some of my supplies are applicable to more than one hobby and there’s no better solution than to have one central place for it all (i.e., cutting supplies, colors – pens, pencils, crayons, markers, paper, patterns).

Some of it is easy to segregate and organize, but the “dangerous for little hands” stuff and “multi-purpose supplies” are a bit more challenging and it’s driving me crazy!!!!!!

I also don’t go down to the basement much in the winter months because it’s so dang cold down there (no direct heat, just heaters). And in the summer months, I keep trying to tell myself I should be outside playing/landscaping, etc.

I think I should just give up my hobbies and sell all my crap.

ok, I’ve lost my rhythm and train of thought…time to give up on it…for now

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