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Birthday Weekend


Went to lunch with a few people from work. Was even treated, which was nice. 🙂 When I got home from work (LATE) Jacob and I got the car packed and then went to see Miss Bobbie before she left for her dance. She looked beautiful as did her date, Vinnie. Even her brother, TJ (who was taking one of Bob’s friends to the dance) looked quite dapper in his duds. 🙂

After that, I dropped Jacob off with his dad. First Birthday since he was born that I didn’t have him. 😦 I was immediately depressed.

Stopped back at Tony & Karen’s (Bobbie/TJ’s parents) and went to dinner with them and played cards. Boy, have I missed just hanging and playing cards with them. It was very nice. 🙂

Saturday: My Actual Birthday!

I slept late and then just laid in bed until I felt like getting up. Took my shower and then ran out to get myself a cake. Got two pieces of Strawberry Shortcake for Inny and I to have together. While we were having our little party, I decided to open Jacob’s school bag to see if there was anything I needed to take care of, and found his school pictures* had come home (in the Spring they take pictures of the kids in their uniforms and a class picture). I CRIED when I took the package out of his school bag. It was the most beautiful picture of him I’ve ever seen. *I* see him as a very handsome young man, sweet-tempered and serene (even when he’s being a wild-man) and this picture just captured that. It was so nice to have a picture that reflected how I see him to the world. SO SO happy with it. 🙂

I called Jacob to find out why he didn’t tell me about them and got “I forgot” :-/ *sigh* Typical. Then, I tried fishing for the “Happy Birthday”. “Do you have anything to say to me?” “I love you.” Ok, not bad, but not what I was looking for. “What’s today?” “Saturday.” *grr* “Dude, it’s my BIRTHDAY.” “Oh! Happy Birthday! I love you! Bye!” *sigh* At least I got it, right? No card, no gift, but a Happy Birthday that I had to fish for. Should I have expected more considering he was with his dad?

After that and fielding a few birthday calls, Joan arrived and we were ready to go to my sister’s for our “Massage” party. [My sister has a friend who is a massage therapist. She bought me a 1/2 hour massage as a gift and offered to have a “party” for a few friends who could get massages as well]. We had a great time. My sister had a LOT of food to serve and I brought drink. The massage was heavenly. [Don’t tell Michelle and Maryanne, but I’m more sore NOW than I was before the massage. Have had a knot in my right shoulder for weeks now and she tried to get it out for me, but it’s been worse ever since]. I think the major problem is my bed. I think I need to flip the mattress and fluff up the pillows. Hopefully that will help.


Got Jacob from his dad early [lacrosse practice] and Jacob was quite upset that his dad was not coming to watch him “play”. Apparently, he has a new girlfriend and Jacob is now second-fiddle. He can take time off of Tae Kwon Do to spend with the girlfriend, but not with Jake. Jacob has decided that he no longer wants to be a “Sensinger” and we’re not allowed to say that name in the house. He wants me to legally change his name to “Connor”. “I want to be a ‘Connor’, I don’t want to be a ‘Sensinger’ anymore. Don’t even say it in this house.” I tried explaining to him that he’s a “Sensinger” regardless of what his name legally says, but he wants no part of it. I won’t be changing his name, even if I’d really like to. There’s no way the toad would sign the papers to have it done. Besides, I realize Jacob is just mad at his dad right now and this will pass. He’s still upset enough that he didn’t want to talk to his dad last night (not that he called, mind you) and he’s on the fence about going back in two weeks. I *hate* when he gets hurt/upset like this. 😦

Jacob enjoyed lacrosse practice and was quite pumped afterward. We stopped at Charlie’s for lunch and had a couple of cheeseburgers and milkshakes. 🙂 He likes these small times of total attention. As soon as we got home and he got changed, he was out and about with his friends. I started cleaning his playroom to allow me space to begin the Great Basement Rearragement 2007.

Overall, it was a great birthday weekend. I got quite a few phone calls and even a singing message from my brother, Dan. LOL And I got some great presents, but I have to admit, not getting a THING from my son hurts and is seriously disappointing. The only thing I ever want from him is a card and I didn’t even get that. Hell, I had to fish for the Happy Birthday. It sucks. :-/

*Will post pictures later today. Have to get them off the camera.

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