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Well, Peanut was back to the doctor yesterday.

He’s been having some belly pains off-and-on for about 3-4 months now.  They’re on his left side, close to his belly button, but a little higher.

I’ve tried asking him he needed to poop/fart.  No.

Eat something that didn’t agree with him?  No (nothing that he hasn’t eaten a bazillion times before)

Issues with school/friends/classmates?  No.  School work was getting a little much, but not enough to make him anxious.  He *did* get anxious over the freaking PSSAs until I finally told him I didn’t care if he made pretty patterns with the circles.  It didn’t affect/effect? his grade, so I wasn’t going to worry about it and neither should she (apparently, “if you can look me in the eye and tell me that’s the best you could, then I’m ok with this grade” is applying pressure to him *sigh*)

So, no “psycho-sematic” reason for the belly pain.

Even thought maybe his allergies were causing the nausea and pain.  (post nasal drip is gross).  Gave him Zyrtec and he still woke up with pain.

So after reading a blog on the internet, I got a little scared and called the doctor.  They asked him all sorts of questions, thumped his belly, etc.  And determined that they couldn’t figure out anything but wanted to do some lab work.

Peanut was NOT happy upon hearing he’d have to give blood (I mean “if looks could kill” not happy – slight needle phobia…slight being a severe understatement).  We also had to get a stool sample kit.

Oh joy!


I’ve done about 1/2 the samples, have to do 2 more and then take them back.  What a freakin (minor) nightmare.

He’s miserable.  I’m totally grossed out.  But we both want to know what’s going on.  If there’s nothing medically wrong, then I need to inform his therapist that he’s upset over something and my not be aware of what it is.  :-/

Ah, the joys of parenthood…

Gaining Control

Wow!  It’s been two months since I last posted.  OVER two months.

My bad.

It’s hard to come up with things to write about, but it’s not like I have a fan-base here.  This is 100% for me.  Those others who read and comment are just a bonus.


The last few months have been jam-packed.  My Peanut turned 13 in February.  THIRTEEN!  I am officially the mom of a teenager.  WTF?!  LOL  However, he’s a REALLY good kid, so I can’t say I’m dreading the teens too much. 

After THAT milestone, we moved forward to adopt a rescue dog. 

Mona's Home!

Mona is a full bred German Shepherd Dog (seriously, that’s their “official” name).  She is absolutely wonderful and we love her tons!

Mona and Peanut

The first night we had her, she spent the whole night checking on my boys (I had my nephew that day too).  Would get up, check on them and then go lay back down.  All.  Night.  She’s still skittish, but she’s getting braver, gaining weight and playing.  She’s an absolute joy.  :-)In some sad news, we had to send our kitty, Flash, to live with my sister and nephew.  He was getting beat up by the bully (Tiger) and was terrified of the dog.  He rarely came out of the basement.  My nephew’s cat (Jackson) had recently died and Jackson’s sister, Miley, was sad and lonely.  Flash just happened to be their sibling, so it was a win-win arrangement.  My nephew wound up with a super loveable fuzzball and Flash had a new, stress-free home 🙂  We miss him terribly, but being good parents, we knew he had to be in a calmer environment (didn’t hurt that we can visit him whenever :-p)

I celebrated my 39th birthday.  It was a very nice time.  I missed my mom tho.  However, I DID have a card from her.  She apparently had shopped for it over the summer and stashed it.  My sister found it while going through papers.  It was seriously cool (although, I have my suspicions that my sister actually got the card and made up the story, but I’ll choose to believe the story 😉

Went on a crafting weekend with my Bitches.  LOL  We had a great time and I got quite a few pages done (scrapbooking).  I’m quite enamored with them and am proud of my accomplishments.

Last weekend was 6 months that my mother has been gone.  😦  It seems like forever and yesterday.  I miss her so much it’s painful.  She didn’t get to see her first grandchild become a teenager.  She didn’t get to hear about the lovely, lovely compliments I get from Peanut’s homeroom/Language Arts teacher.  She didn’t get to meet Mona (or slap me in the head for getting yet ANOTHER pet).  There’s a hole that I don’t know how to fill.  I know it will never heal, but the edges are still raw and the scab has yet to begin forming.  *sigh*  It’s gonna be a long road.

Which leads me to the fact that we’re seriously beginning to empty her house and prepare her “estate”.  It’s frustrating, heart-wrenching and ridiculous all at the same time.  We’ve giggled.  We’ve cried (well, *I* did) and we’ve fought.  The fighting I could do without, tyvm!  Siblings are fun…sometimes.

I’ve been seeing a therapist since the month after my mom died as well as taking some medications.  We’ve tweaked the meds a bit, but have discovered the original plan seems to work best for me (went from Celexa to Welbutrin, back to Celexa).  I have sleep issues, but the Welbutrin wasn’t helping with my short fuse.  The Celexa allows me to just let things “roll off”, but I still have a “normal” range of emotions.  I’m also on Lamictal (because I’m apparently bi-polar…not really hard to swallow, but kinda hard to admit).  Also taking 1000 mg of Vitamin D (because I was pretty deficient).  Have yet to buy more of my multivitamin, but I’m getting there.

Back to therapy.  It’s been helpful, but I seem to ramble on about everything and nothing and my choo-choo jumps tracks about fifty’leven times.  This, among other things/habits, makes my therapist think I may have ADD.  There’s also a possibility that I have a twinge of OCD.  Now, I’ve been joking for years that I have ADD/OCD, but I was just joking.  Apparently, I just might really have them.  Have to talk to my doc and see what she says/suggests.  Yet another thing to remember to talk about.

I have to talk to my doc about the pain in my hip (yoinked it over the weekend).  Sometimes it paralyses me (especially when I’m prone) and hurts like the dickens!  I’ve also discovered a lump on my right foot.  It’s hard, but not particularly painful, so I shall have to get that checked out too.

On top of all this, I’ve made a complete and utter mess of my finances.  I chalk that up to the med changes and stupidity.  Yet again, I have to maniacly play games to fix everything.

It’s so much fun being me!


Medical Rollercoaster


Jake has had a cough since xmas eve.  Heavy, but not chunky (then).  By the Weds after xmas, he had a fever and the cough was heavier and chunky.  Took him to the doc (Dr. B.) on Thursday.  No fever at the time, but his lungs were clear.  Doc said it looked like the flu, but he looked too sick for it to just be the flu.  Would probably move to bronchitis or pneumonia.  Wonderful.

Fever lasted all through NYE and finally broke by new years day.  However, chunky cough had become rattle in chest (but still chunky).

Took him back to the doc (Dr. S.).  She listened to his lungs, heard the crackle (seriously, that’s the medical term for it) and diagnosed Walking Pneumonia.  couldn’t get an x-ray because it was closed for the holiday, but she sent us home with a script for azithromycin (zythromax) and predisone.  Start azithromycin that day, but hold off on steroid to see how antibiotic worked.  Gave him the antibotic and some lunch.  An hour later he was doubled over in pain and then ran for the bathroom.  EVERYTHING came up.  Called the after hours nurses hotline.  They said azithromycin CAN upset the stomach, keep taking it (wasn’t due for another dose until the next day).  About 5 hours later, his fingers, hands and feet started to itch.  At some point, overnight, he developed a rash on his upper body (some on the lower extremeties).  Called the doctor’s office to talk to the doc (Dr. B.) about the rash.  Didn’t get a call back (until last night!), so I made the call that he was allergic to the azithromycin and I wasn’t giving him any more.  I was going to hold off on the steriod until Thursday (yesterday) to see how his breathing was.

Yesterday, he went to school.  Spirits high, energetic.  Excited to see his girl.  Apparently, he didn’t eat lunch (although he told me he DID…however, he only had some chips and a drink :-/).  Came home from school, played with a friend.  Even went upstairs to his room to play video games.  Called him down for dinner and he had a bad headache (right eye) and needed the light turned off.  Took some Motrin and then went to lay on the couch, taking his dinner with him.  He ate dinner, but 30 mins later ran for the bathroom.  Never heard that sound come out of him before.  (obviously, he lost his dinner :-/).  Called Dr. B. back to discuss.  Wanted him [Jake] to be seen in the office.

Kept him home today and took him in to see Dr. O.  She listened to the history, his heart and his lungs; and checked his ears and throat.  Bilateral fluid in the ears and red throat.  Fluid was milky, but didn’t necessarily mean an infection (he didn’t say that his ears hurt at all and neither did his throat).  Throat was chalked up to coughing and nasal drainage (ew).  She still heard the crackle in his upper left lobe so sent us for a chest xray.  The xray showed inflammation in the left lobe, but comparing it to an older xray showed it was there too (just not as much).  Dr. O. thought maybe tuberculosis, but as he’s never had any exposure, ruled it out.  He is to rest, take it easy, use his inhaler (history of asthma), but cleared to go back to school.  The vomitting last night was chalked up to a migraine (of which, he has a history).  Obviously if something changes or he gets worse, we’re to call back.

My boy knows how to start off a new year, doesn’t he? 

If you need me, I’ll be in a rubber room with the white huggy-coat… 8-}

Our Medical Mess

Or as I like to refer to it…


“Can this poor kid catch a break???”



LONG story

Too Much…Too Tired

I’m so far behind and can’t get ahead.

At least not today. Lemme have today to whine/wilt. Tomorrow I’ll kick ass and take names.

I’m tired.

Too tired based upon what I’ve been doing. Which is nothing noteworthy.

However, I’m so damn tired/forgetful that I almost burned my fucking house down. (Put a pan on the stove, on LOW thank the gods, and promptly forgot about it and went to bed. I remembered it 3 seconds after hitting my snooze at 5 am this morning. 10 fucking hours on a lit burner. FUCK).

This is, of course, after 4 hours at the docs office with The Widget. He has severe pronation (FLAT FEET). So bad in fact, he now needs surgery. *whine*

He has an extra bone (accessory navicular) that needs to be removed.  Tight heel cords which will require cutting of bone and grafting of a cadaver bone (because most kids claim the graft taken from their hip bones hurt more than the surgery on the foot…which I believe because my brother complained more about that than the surgery on his neck).  And Pes valgus .  Basically he needs to have the ligaments in his calf shortened, the accessory navicular removed and his tight heel cords loosened (which requires "breaking bone" and adding [cadaver] bone).

The Widget is angry with me that I’m scheduling the surgery.  He had been trying to do the stretching exercises (not often enough) to try to stretch the heel, but once the doc saw he had the extra bone, it was done.  It has to come out.  They say they don’t do surgery if there is no pain, and The Widget swore he had no pain, but all the doc did was press on the spot on his foot where the extra bone was (not even that hard) and The Widget nearly jumped off the table. :-/  (he DOES complain that his feet hurt if he walks excessively and during the soccer season).

I’m convinced now it’s just stress causing my sleepless/sleepiness.  I can’t sleep for more than a few minutes at a time, but can’t get my ass outta bed either.  The adrenaline shot of realizing I almost burned down my house is what got me outta bed this morning.  I don’t think anything else would have. 

Headaches are a daily occurence and only marginally relieved by meds. 



EDIT (1340):  I have been trying, since 0800, to get through to the to FUCKING BITCH that schedules surgery.  It *should* have been scheduled YESTERDAY at his appointment, but I took her at her word that she would talk to me this morning and schedule the appointment.  For everyone’s sake, I hope she calls back soon, my patience and civility slip further and further from my grasp the more time slugs by.  If you’ve never, truly seen me angry, consider yourself extremely lucky…and stay away…I take no responsibility for your stupidity at being within striking range after you’ve been warned.

EDIT (01FEB/0952):  March 26th.  Will not know time until night before.

Not Another Tween Surgery

Peanut goes to the orthopedist today.

We are going to find out if he recommends surgery for his severly flat feet.

We’re hoping NOT.

I’ve taken him to see my chiropractor in hopes that something can be done. We’ve gotten orthotics for his shoes ($200!) and he says his feet feel a lot better. I hope he’s not just saying that to avoid surgery, but I’m also not leaning toward the surgery.

It’s involved and will take a couple of months for recovery and physical therapy. And they’ll do one foot at a time, which means close to a year before he’s back to “normal”.

Cross your fingers that surgery is removed from the table today…

Another Surgery?

Took Jacob to the orthopedist at CHOP yesterday. He’s had flat feet and foot pain for almost as long as he’s been alive. His pedi never really seemed to notice or think it was a big concern, but at his last appointment, I wanted it addressed. He’s growing like a weed and that includes his feet too (i.e., he wears the SAME SIZE as me…and I’ve been the same size since 6th grade…a woman’s 10).

Anyway, we met with Dr. Davidson and he was extremely personable and informative. A unique combination in a doctor, lemme tell ya!

Seems Jacob’s ligaments are very tight. He can’t flex his foot normally. He has to tilt his feet to the side and then he can flex. He said Jake was probably the 3rd worst he’d seen that day 😦

He gave us some exercises to do to try to stretch the achilles and hopefully avoid surgery (but from what he’s said, I’m pretty sure he’ll still be a surgical candidate even after 3 months of stretching).

Jacob has to stand at the kitchen counter with his feet together, but on the outsides (arches/heels/soles touching), then lean toward the counter. He has to hold this position for up to 20 minutes. (if I can find a pic/diagram I’ll post).

Anyway, if these stretches don’t loosen him up enough, he will have to have surgery. 😦 They’ll cut into his calf and also into his achilles lengthening both. To lengthen his achilles, he’ll have to have a bone graft. Recovery will be 6 weeks with NO WEIGHT on the foot, then 6 weeks in a walking boot and then PT. Then, they’ll do the other foot. This could take a whole year (with PT) to complete.

We’re both a bit upset about the possible surgery route. He’s already had two surgeries (tonsil/adenoidectomy). The second one was worse than the first. He DID recover faster, but they really scraped him up when they tried to intubate him. 😦 (He also wasn’t fully out when they tried).

Please, please, please cross your fingers that the stretching will be enough. And if not, that he will have little to no complications with surgery and recovery.


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