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30 – Maintenance

Well, the humans are still in a holding pattern for medical maintenance.  I see the orthodontist today (getting a new upper retainer).  Jake goes back to the orthopedist (cast removal) on the 19th.  We both have dentist appointments in there too (just can’t remember the date off the top of my head…)

Chi Chi is supposed to go the vet today.  Was rescheduled from last monday (due to snow storm).  Stupidly, I rescheduled it without looking at my calendar and scheduled it for when I’ll be at my orthodontist appointment.  Idiot.  So, I’ve called to reschedule, hopefully I will hear from them shortly.

I still haven’t gotten new filters for my heater yet.  I WILL do that on Friday.  (because it’s payday and also take Jake to meet his dad day – there’s a Lowes in the shopping center where we meet)…wonder if they’ll have the filter for my fridge too?

I’ve done the Self Cleaning thing on my oven, so that’s good for another month.  The door on my microwave has started to rust on the inside.  I think I need to replace because I’m not sure how to fix (is spray paint microwave safe?).  I thought it was just spaghetti sauce that had exploded, but i can see now the paint is chipping, so bad bad bad.

I will use this opportunity to buy a microwave that matches my other appliances and to also move some cabinetry around in my kitchen.  Not sure I can do it all this weekend (mortgage is due…bye bye paycheck), but shortly.

Ugh, I can’t think of what else would need maintenance.  My car is good (for now).  The major systems in the house get checked seasonally, so they SHOULD be good. 

What else?

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