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The Kitchen, Blood & Baseball

Gotta start this by saying I woke up Friday morning with a really horrible pain in my lower right leg. I (was) am convinced it’s not broken, but for the life of me, can’t figure out why it hurts…a LOT. Couldn’t flex or twist my foot without setting the pain in the leg off…fun…NOT!

Friday I cut the last bit of counter top and fit it into place. Not too bad if I do say so myself!

I didn’t do much after that, except clean up my mess, as we were going to my sister’s for the evening. My nephew had been wanting to play with Jacob and we decided we would go up there (since my place is under construction and a general disaster area at best).

Jacob brought a friend home from school with him, so we didn’t leave for my sister’s until about 5:30. No big, I drive fast and traffic was REALLY quite good, believe it or not.

Once there, we got our caca together and took the boys to the park to practice a bit of baseball.

My nephew is a natural and can hit and throw. Jacob can hit, but his throwing and catching need some help. He’s getting a LOT better, but still needs to practice…a lot!

Well, at one point, during our practice, Jacob was up to bat, I was fielding, my sister was pitching and Alex was catching. Jacob hit the ball, but it went straight up in the air, so, being the typical boy he is, he hit it again and it went up again and came down and whacked him in the nose. From the angle where my sister and I were, we both thought it hit him in the eye. And because of the pain in my leg, there was no running (without falling flat on my face) to get to him.

He was curled over himself crying when I got there. I got him to look up and there was blood GUSHING from the left side of his nose! Most of the shock I had was because I had thought the ball hit him in the right eye. Why the hell was the left side of his nose bleeding??? I immediately pinched his nose and bent his head forward while my sister went madly searchign for napkins/tissues/anything! For the first time since we became mothers, neither of us had a friggin first aid kit with us!

I gave her my keys and sent her to my car to get napkins out of the glove compartment.

When she returned, we cleaned him up (and I had the damn brain blast that I had a first aid kit in the trunk!) and shoved some cotton up his nose. Because he was so upset, we just went straight back to my sister’s rather than out for pizza as originally planned.

Alex is such a compassionate little boy! Kept rubbing Jacob’s back and got him all settled in front of the tv with a HUGE bean bag chair, his kiki, Baby and a pillow. 🙂 The boys watched Alvin and the Chipmunks while eating pizza. Since we had no tylenol for Jacob, we gave him benadryl, hoping that would help with the pain (and also for the lovely itchy welts on teh side of his neck which don’t want to go away….sigh).

Anyway, we spent the night and the next morning my leg was REALLY buggin’ me and when I tried to get down on the floor to do a craft with the boys I zigged when I shoulda zagged and thought I had broken my leg. I saw stars and nearly cried.

Since Alex was supposed to have a swimming lesson that morning, I opted NOT to go the ER up there, but to drive home and go after I got Jake home.

I spent 3 hours in the ER. The bone is NOT broken, but they thought I had a blood clot. Thankfully, that was not the case, I just have a really bad muscle strain/sprain/tear (They’re not sure). Ice and ibuprofen. Lovely.

Jacob went to the Phillies game with Joan (she’s a SAINT) and his friend, Erick. Rather than push myself, I did the “right” thing and rested the leg.

Sunday tho, I was back in the kitchen (after Jacob’s lacrosse practice, at which he did REALLY well). I FINALLY got the damn plumbing hooked up. I now have a WORKING sink!!!!! I haven’t hooked up the dishwasher yet, but my sink works! I buggered the damn drain system the first time so had to run to Home Depot to buy a new “center drain” kit. This one was different from the first one and made more sense. Go figure. :-p

The counter tops are now secured, the water and the drains are in (although, there is a leak SOMEWHERE). The base cabinet gets wet, but NONE of the pipes/hoses are wet. WTF? I will find it or blow up the kitchen. I’m kinda sick of this now.

There are no pictures because I left my camera in my desk all friggin weekend. *sigh*

I will take pics tonite and share tomorrow.

Damn, my widdle fingers are tired!

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