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Another Wasted Weekend


I had plans, people!

Productive plans!

Finish the effin Kitchen plans.

Fucking spring cold.


It hit me about lunch time on Friday. Just a weird, niggling cough. Nothing too bad. Then, by 2 or so, the throat started to hurt (when I swallowed). I can handle this.

By the time I got home from work and picking up the kids, I needed a nap!

By 5, when I took Jake to see his dad, I had a low-grade fever. 99.0. No big. Even stopped at IKEA to pick up two more cabinets. (decided I wanted to add a couple more cabinets, bite me).

By the time I got home, my fever was 99.5 and I was FREEZING. But, I had the cabinet to build and install, the insulation to put back on my dishwasher and the wall cabinet to move.

I wound up pulling the damn drain hose off of the dishwasher while I was gently pulling it out from under the counter. Flooded my fucking kitchen.

Thank goodness for chamois. That’s all I gotta say.

So, I said “fuck it” and went to bed. (after I cleaned up the water, I’m not that damn dumb, blondeness and fever notwithstanding).

I stripped down and crawled into bed.

Did I mention, Mother Nature decided to throw her fun into the mix???

by 10 pm, my fever was up to 100.1 and I couldn’t stop shaking.

Nor could I breathe, swallow, think or sleep.

I was up all fucking night.

At about 8, I gave up, got dressed and ran to CVS for some cold medicine (which I popped in the parking lot) and then to Home Depot to get a new hose clamp (those POSs they give you with the dishwasher suck). I got a marmon clamp, slipped that sucker on, tightened it and off I went.

Built the frame for my cabinet and then got VERY tired.

Damn meds!

So I crashed on the couch for about an hour.

Woke up foggy, but at least I slept, so I finished the cabinet and installed it. The drawer handles are a bit crooked and I still have to level the drawers themselves, but fuck it, it’s in.

And I was tired again.

So I crashed. For about 3 hours this time.

When I woke up, I ordered some dinner and then went to pick it up (after a trip to the pet store to get special food for my cat which she refuses to eat. Bitch).

Spent the evening screwing around on the computer, then took more meds and went to bed.

Actually slept!

Got up around 9 Sunday, but stayed in bed until close to noon.

Did laundry and other shit. Downloaded a trial issue of Microsoft Office Professional 2007. And their LiveOne security suite. Hopefully, the MSO Pro will let me reinstall MSO Pro 2003 and the LiveOne will keep my computer nice and clean.

Picked up Jacob around 5.

Took showers, watched the last Voyagers! episode, took more meds and went to bed.

I STILL have a low-grade fever.

Why won’t this effin thing go away?!?!

I have a lot to do when I get home tonite. Gather trash (and clean out litter boxes, ew), hopefully cut and install remaining counter top, and buy more cat food for the picky bitch.

Can ya tell I get cranky when I’m sick?

So, needless to say, I didn’t get the Key Lime Pies done that I wanted to make for my Kitchen Helpers. Or any of the 900 other things I’d had planned for the weekend.

Effin plans.


Remember My Kitchen?

Um, yeah…so…it’s finished.


I’ve assembled and installed all the cabinetry, plumbing & flooring. However, I still have two lights to install and quarter round. I also need to “decorate”. I REALLY hate the finishing shit.

Anyway…these are the pictures as of now.


I’m debating about figuring out how to hang the small cabinet on the counter (to the left of the sink). You’re supposed to just connect it to the cabinet that it will be next to, but that little one is heavier than the big corner cabinet and I’m afraid it will pull it off the wall. I gotta figure out how to hook it to the soffet above the sink…argh :-/

I’m also debating about putting another cabinet to the right of the sink. Both a wall cabinet (corner like THIS ) and base. I don’t like the space that’s there. I WANTED a large pantry-like cabinet (like THIS) but the one I want is narrow enough (I believe the space is only 18″ and that one is 24″ :-/)

Anyway, the rough construction is done, dishwasher and sink work, so I now have a nice functioning kitchen. One of these days, I’ll get the damn lights up and do the finishing.

Thanks for sharing this fiasco adventure with me 😀

Pictures, as Promised

Yesterday was action-packed, man.

I had an orthodontist appointment during my lunch. I’m up to the “finishing wire” on top and a new wire on bottom. The wire on the bottom is to help pull my teeth up and out (they’re wavy vertically as well as crooked) and the finishing wire is to keep everything straight and pull out my #3’s (canines) up top.

There IS an end in sight…thank the gods!

After work, I grabbed Jacob and we went to go visit Bonnie. She looks good!!!!! She was alert and SO happy to see us! Even Jacob. She and Jacob have a love/hate relationship. He loves her very much and she hates that he wants to be in her face. However, she let him pet her and pet her and pet her and would answer him every time he called her name. 🙂 She went to the West Chester Clinic last night with one of the vet techs so she could have an ultrasound done today. Cross your fingers the ultrasound gives us something to go on. I miss my baby girl and wanna bring her home 😦 (It was REALLY hard for both Jacob and I to leave her yesterday).

Jacob had baseball practice (RIGHT after we visited Bonnie). He had a VERY rough start to practice because he was afraid of the ball (he was afraid he’d get hit in the nose again…and to be honest, so was I!) But, once he got over his fear, he was catching and throwing and actually doing pretty well! He’s MUCH better at fielding grounders than catching pop-ups, but hey, he’s a year behind these kids (couldn’t play last year due to a broken wrist) AND he’s trying. I can’t say he’s trying REALLY hard, but he’s trying.

When it comes to running the bases, he seems to have a natural rhythm going. He’s quick and ALWAYS hits the bags with the proper foot. Don’t know how he manages to do that, because I’d fall.

Once we got home, he needed to finish some homework and my friend, Carl, needed help wtih his Economics homework. 8-} I was going nuts trying to help both of them AND deal with the damn bite marks on Jacob’s body. He looks like he’s being eaten alive by SOMETHING, but what, we don’t know. I think it’s ants and if it is, I’m going to KILL TERMINIX. I’m paying over $400 a year for them to treat my house and yard, there shouldn’t be even ONE FUCKING ANT IN MY HOUSE. x-(

After that, I finally took pictures of the sink piping in my kitchen.

See! Isn’t it pretty????

I just have the dishwasher to hook up and an angle bit to find so I can get the facing panels installed (you can see them on the front of the sink cabinet). They need to be screwed in in the middle, but the sink basin is in the way, so I can’t get a drill or a screw driver in there. :-/

I still have to put everything BACK into the kitchen, put the dining room and living room back in order AND mow the lawn before my mom comes up, so she doesn’t try to do all that while I’m gone…


The Kitchen, Blood & Baseball

Gotta start this by saying I woke up Friday morning with a really horrible pain in my lower right leg. I (was) am convinced it’s not broken, but for the life of me, can’t figure out why it hurts…a LOT. Couldn’t flex or twist my foot without setting the pain in the leg off…fun…NOT!

Friday I cut the last bit of counter top and fit it into place. Not too bad if I do say so myself!

I didn’t do much after that, except clean up my mess, as we were going to my sister’s for the evening. My nephew had been wanting to play with Jacob and we decided we would go up there (since my place is under construction and a general disaster area at best).

Jacob brought a friend home from school with him, so we didn’t leave for my sister’s until about 5:30. No big, I drive fast and traffic was REALLY quite good, believe it or not.

Once there, we got our caca together and took the boys to the park to practice a bit of baseball.

My nephew is a natural and can hit and throw. Jacob can hit, but his throwing and catching need some help. He’s getting a LOT better, but still needs to practice…a lot!

Well, at one point, during our practice, Jacob was up to bat, I was fielding, my sister was pitching and Alex was catching. Jacob hit the ball, but it went straight up in the air, so, being the typical boy he is, he hit it again and it went up again and came down and whacked him in the nose. From the angle where my sister and I were, we both thought it hit him in the eye. And because of the pain in my leg, there was no running (without falling flat on my face) to get to him.

He was curled over himself crying when I got there. I got him to look up and there was blood GUSHING from the left side of his nose! Most of the shock I had was because I had thought the ball hit him in the right eye. Why the hell was the left side of his nose bleeding??? I immediately pinched his nose and bent his head forward while my sister went madly searchign for napkins/tissues/anything! For the first time since we became mothers, neither of us had a friggin first aid kit with us!

I gave her my keys and sent her to my car to get napkins out of the glove compartment.

When she returned, we cleaned him up (and I had the damn brain blast that I had a first aid kit in the trunk!) and shoved some cotton up his nose. Because he was so upset, we just went straight back to my sister’s rather than out for pizza as originally planned.

Alex is such a compassionate little boy! Kept rubbing Jacob’s back and got him all settled in front of the tv with a HUGE bean bag chair, his kiki, Baby and a pillow. 🙂 The boys watched Alvin and the Chipmunks while eating pizza. Since we had no tylenol for Jacob, we gave him benadryl, hoping that would help with the pain (and also for the lovely itchy welts on teh side of his neck which don’t want to go away….sigh).

Anyway, we spent the night and the next morning my leg was REALLY buggin’ me and when I tried to get down on the floor to do a craft with the boys I zigged when I shoulda zagged and thought I had broken my leg. I saw stars and nearly cried.

Since Alex was supposed to have a swimming lesson that morning, I opted NOT to go the ER up there, but to drive home and go after I got Jake home.

I spent 3 hours in the ER. The bone is NOT broken, but they thought I had a blood clot. Thankfully, that was not the case, I just have a really bad muscle strain/sprain/tear (They’re not sure). Ice and ibuprofen. Lovely.

Jacob went to the Phillies game with Joan (she’s a SAINT) and his friend, Erick. Rather than push myself, I did the “right” thing and rested the leg.

Sunday tho, I was back in the kitchen (after Jacob’s lacrosse practice, at which he did REALLY well). I FINALLY got the damn plumbing hooked up. I now have a WORKING sink!!!!! I haven’t hooked up the dishwasher yet, but my sink works! I buggered the damn drain system the first time so had to run to Home Depot to buy a new “center drain” kit. This one was different from the first one and made more sense. Go figure. :-p

The counter tops are now secured, the water and the drains are in (although, there is a leak SOMEWHERE). The base cabinet gets wet, but NONE of the pipes/hoses are wet. WTF? I will find it or blow up the kitchen. I’m kinda sick of this now.

There are no pictures because I left my camera in my desk all friggin weekend. *sigh*

I will take pics tonite and share tomorrow.

Damn, my widdle fingers are tired!

Are You Sick of My Kitchen Yet?

I have made SERIOUS progress in my kitchen.


I had many dancing moments (and a few cursing, but we won’t talk about those).

With the help of some lovely gentlemen in the shop, I was able to get the right equipment to FINALLY cut out the hole for my sink.

Didn’t I do a beatimous job?!?

Yeah, I thought so!

Anyway, I got that done on Tuesday. Which is surprising because I had to run my oldest cat to the vet for an emergency visit.

My Bon-Bon is not doing well 😦 Her kidneys are small and hard and now her liver is tender and dense. I DO realize she’s nearly 16, but she’s my BABY! Hopefully, with the new course of action they started yesterday, she will perk a bit…cross your fingers for her please. If for no other reason than to make her comfortable…

After 2 hours at the vet and having to LEAVE HER THERE, I went home, got dinner for Jake, cuddled and went to bed.

I was off of work yesterday so I could work on my kitchen.


I had an ENG scheduled and wasn’t allowed to eat beforehand. Yeah, NO FOOD until after my test. So, I didn’t necessarily FORGET to eat yesterday, I wasn’t allowed to. So, no lectures about food consumption, or the lack there of.

Before AND after my appointment, I worked on my kitchen. I did some more cutting (more like “shaving”) and assembling, so I could show you THIS!

and THIS

With the final result being…

Woo Hoo!!!

AND, because I am silly like that, I hooked up the cold water line and turned on the tap (keep in mind, I don’t have a drain yet…so I put a bucket underneath). I HAVE WATER!!!!!!!

I’m so proud of me! 🙂

Because the counter top is so big (8 feet) and needed to be lifted in to place, I asked a couple of neighbors to help me.

Deb and Nat are awesome!!!

Nat even came over with a headache because she doesn’t trust me NOT to try it myself. Don’t know WHY she would think that? 😉

AND after making sure he had dinner, I took Jacob to baseball practice. The kid is SERIOUSLY rusty. After missing last season due to a broken wrist, he was one of the worst ones out there 😦 Granted, catching was never one of his fortes, his throwing had fallen closer to the “you throw like a girl!” category.


However, he DID catch a pop fly toward the end of practice and we were both quite proud of him! 🙂 (Even one of the coaches complimented him, after seeing him struggle to even handle a grounder the whole practice).

Isn’t he a cutie?!

Mini Kitchen Update

I needed to get a small piece of counter top (to fill the space between the stove and the BIG piece of counter top). A whopping 11-11/16 inches. (see, I measured it :-p)

Anyway, I went to IKEA at lunch to order it.

GUESS what’s the smallest piece I can get.

Just guess.



WTF am I going to do with an extra 3 feet of counter top!??! Aw man! Now I gotta cut TWO pieces of counter top.


DragonWillow is NOT amused.

Kitchen Goodness or Evil Fucking Countertops?

Guess what?!

I worked on my kitchen last night!

Not surprised, huh?

Me either.

Again, the wonderful guys in the shop (Thanks, JD!) let me borrow “hogs and arbors” to cut through the counter top (that’s a hole saw and the attachment that allows you to put it in a drill chuck for those of us with little shop jargon prowess :-p)

After discussing the plan with them, I went home with a bit of confidence that I *could* do this.

See, the threaded ends of my faucet and taps are not long enough to pass completely through the countertops. “Don’t you just have to put them through the sink?” I hear you all say. Yeah, one would think that! But me, being me, bought a sink wiht no cut outs nor space for cut outs for a faucet and taps.

Damn blonde hair!

Anyway, I have to cut out some of the countertop underneath to give me a channel with which to attach the faucet and taps.



I killed 3 batteries between two drills and had the drills torqued out of my hands no less than 3 times. My wrists are killing me and my frustration levels are at a record high.


I got the little effers out!

Just to give you an idea of how thick the counter top is…

I had to drill halfway through on one side and then flip the counter top over and drill the other half.

The countertop is 8′ long. 26″ wide. and nearly 2″ thick.

OBVIOUSLY, I had to ask for help to keep flipping the damn thing back and forth.

I *HATE* not being able to do something myself.

Thankfully, Natalie is as stubborn as I am, so she doesn’t rub it in my face that there are certain things I just can’t do on my own. The only person who gave me guff about asking was her son K. Little booger kept smacking my butt!

That’s ok…I tickled the crap outta him! 😀

Anyway, I’ve got the holes for the sink completely out and the ones for the faucet, etc. started.

Tonite, I plan to finish drilling out the faucet holes and the sink space (connect the dots!) I think I need to cut out a few notches in the base cabinet, just to make sure everything “passes”.

OMG is it over yet?!?!

[BTW, my aunt’s lip is much better, but bruised now. And the cat is still alive…for now…]

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