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New Do

I cut and colored my hair yesterday.

I am in LOVE with it!!!! I love the color, I love the length, I love the ease of care…it’s FABULOUS!!!!

N was SO scared about cutting it for me. Thought I was going to FREAK! But seriously, it’s hair, it grows back and color fades. I’m MUCH more adventurous now. 🙂 Time for a tattoo? 😉

EVERYONE who has seen it has given me such wonderful compliments. I’m stunned! And quite afraid of a “negative review” now. LOL

Here is a pic…it’s not the greatest because it’s from my cell, but I should have a better one uploaded shortly…

Oh yeah! Braces Update

Had an appointment yesterday.

All is well. Karen replaced the bracket that had fallen off. My bottoms are FINALLY moving and straightening out, just being stubborn (don’t know WHERE it comes from :-p)

I mentioned that I was starting to notice a gap in my upper teeth (between my eye tooth and the molar; left side). Dr. C took a look and determined my retainer was the culprit, so I got molded and will be getting a new retainer. Probably one similar to invisalign(TM). Wonder if I will have to start over with wearing it 24/7? Guess I’ll find out next week.

Still no idea when they might finally come off, but I’m not holding my breath. I have two appointments scheduled, so that puts me out into April now :-/

I KNOW the journey will end, but good lord, I think it’s one of the longest!

No pictures anymore because you really can’t see the bottom teeth when I smile anyway.

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Dumb Ass

Or more accurately, SORE ass.


Jacob and I went down to my mom’s on Saturday. Her township was supposed to be having a picnic, but it got rained out. However, we all had planned for this contigency and converged on my mother’s instead.


At one point, I ran out to my car to get my iced tea and came back inside. The boys were playing ball by the front door (inside!) with Uncle D so I ran through so not to get hit (jokingly).

Anyway, I hit the linoleum between the living room and the family room, with wet shoes, and slipped and fell on my ass/back.


Seriously, I tried to laugh, because I KNEW I looked comical, but it had really knocked the wind outta me and I couldn’t get breath in or out. Then, of course, the pain hit.


I landed HARD on my right hip/butt cheek and then slammed my back into the ground. I do NOT know how I didn’t whack my head in the process. I can only chalk it up to a couple of years of Krav Maga and learning how to “break fall”.

My sister later said that she only saw my feet come through the doorway…at about waist level.

We all got a good giggle out of it, but I DID go to the ER to get checked out (just to be safe)…8 hours later :”>

I have NO [visible] bruises, but lots of aches and pains. And I think I jarred my neck/pinched nerve again.

Good lord I am a dork.


Photo Journal(ism?)

Let’s see…

First Day of School (I do have a pic of him and I together, but my neighbor’s kids are in it as well and I don’t want to post pictures of her kids without permission)

Battle of Brandywine Re-enactment (Jacob with a “Hessian Soldier”)

Jacob goes from an expander to a retainer

Soccer Season has begun…

I finished a project!

I have yet to take pictures of my bedroom and the re-arragements that I’ve made, but will soon.

I promise!

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