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Medical Rollercoaster


Jake has had a cough since xmas eve.  Heavy, but not chunky (then).  By the Weds after xmas, he had a fever and the cough was heavier and chunky.  Took him to the doc (Dr. B.) on Thursday.  No fever at the time, but his lungs were clear.  Doc said it looked like the flu, but he looked too sick for it to just be the flu.  Would probably move to bronchitis or pneumonia.  Wonderful.

Fever lasted all through NYE and finally broke by new years day.  However, chunky cough had become rattle in chest (but still chunky).

Took him back to the doc (Dr. S.).  She listened to his lungs, heard the crackle (seriously, that’s the medical term for it) and diagnosed Walking Pneumonia.  couldn’t get an x-ray because it was closed for the holiday, but she sent us home with a script for azithromycin (zythromax) and predisone.  Start azithromycin that day, but hold off on steroid to see how antibiotic worked.  Gave him the antibotic and some lunch.  An hour later he was doubled over in pain and then ran for the bathroom.  EVERYTHING came up.  Called the after hours nurses hotline.  They said azithromycin CAN upset the stomach, keep taking it (wasn’t due for another dose until the next day).  About 5 hours later, his fingers, hands and feet started to itch.  At some point, overnight, he developed a rash on his upper body (some on the lower extremeties).  Called the doctor’s office to talk to the doc (Dr. B.) about the rash.  Didn’t get a call back (until last night!), so I made the call that he was allergic to the azithromycin and I wasn’t giving him any more.  I was going to hold off on the steriod until Thursday (yesterday) to see how his breathing was.

Yesterday, he went to school.  Spirits high, energetic.  Excited to see his girl.  Apparently, he didn’t eat lunch (although he told me he DID…however, he only had some chips and a drink :-/).  Came home from school, played with a friend.  Even went upstairs to his room to play video games.  Called him down for dinner and he had a bad headache (right eye) and needed the light turned off.  Took some Motrin and then went to lay on the couch, taking his dinner with him.  He ate dinner, but 30 mins later ran for the bathroom.  Never heard that sound come out of him before.  (obviously, he lost his dinner :-/).  Called Dr. B. back to discuss.  Wanted him [Jake] to be seen in the office.

Kept him home today and took him in to see Dr. O.  She listened to the history, his heart and his lungs; and checked his ears and throat.  Bilateral fluid in the ears and red throat.  Fluid was milky, but didn’t necessarily mean an infection (he didn’t say that his ears hurt at all and neither did his throat).  Throat was chalked up to coughing and nasal drainage (ew).  She still heard the crackle in his upper left lobe so sent us for a chest xray.  The xray showed inflammation in the left lobe, but comparing it to an older xray showed it was there too (just not as much).  Dr. O. thought maybe tuberculosis, but as he’s never had any exposure, ruled it out.  He is to rest, take it easy, use his inhaler (history of asthma), but cleared to go back to school.  The vomitting last night was chalked up to a migraine (of which, he has a history).  Obviously if something changes or he gets worse, we’re to call back.

My boy knows how to start off a new year, doesn’t he? 

If you need me, I’ll be in a rubber room with the white huggy-coat… 8-}

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My BABY turned 12 on Monday!


Who the heck said that was allowed? 

Actually, while I *am* in shock (where did the time go?), I’m quite proud of the young man he’s become.  Lord knows this passed year hasn’t been easy and we’ve had some rough times in the past, but he’s come out stronger and still happy.

He had his first foot surgery just a month after his 11th birthday.  Not even a full month.  He graduated from elementary school.  Started middle school.  Had surgery on his other foot.  And just recently lost the only caregiver he’s ever really had. 

But the boy is amazing.  He grieves and feels it all, but he lets himself grieve.  Let’s himself feel happy.  Can find the happy in the sad times.  He can become a tad maudlin at times, but he can always shake himself out of it.


It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that I only "have" him for 6 more years.  After that, he goes to college and then off to start his own life.  At this point, he’s a little afraid of the whole college idea, but he’s only 12, it’s not a concept he’s prepared for yet.  Thankfully, it’s not a concept either of us have to prepare for NOW.  We’ve got time.  I often wonder what he’ll be like as a teen (because he was such a good kid); what he’ll be like as a young man; what he’ll be like with his own family.  I’m confident he’ll be great (even if I may want to feed him to a hungry shark as a teen) and I look forward to meeting all the Future Jacobs.  Past Jacob was a blast.  Present Jacob has me amazed and puff-out-my-chest proud.  Future Jacob has a lot to live up to. 

I don’t doubt him for a second.

Baby, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I couldn’t be more proud of you if you somehow found something MORE amazing to accomplish.  You are my biggest love; MY best accomplishment. 

You are my world.

Happy Birthday, Peanut, I love you!

21 – Jacob

As usual, I’m playing catch-up…

Let’s see…

Jacob made it to Round 2 of his school’s Geography Bee.  Sadly, he didn’t make it to Round 3, but he was so happy for two of his friends who did (how cool is that?!).

He’s been doing spectacularly well with his recovery.  He’s now out of the cast and in a cam boot.  For a little over a week more, then he’s back into regular shoes!  My baby has two feet again!!!!  He’s actually walking and doing some exercises on his own.  He starts physical therapy tonight.  Hopefully, he won’t be too sore tomorrow…

He’s doing well in school.  He just finished his first semester, so I should be seeing a report card soon.  I think he went down in a couple of subjects, but is still above a B in everything, so I’m not too concerned.

He made me very proud last week. 

Since his latest surgery, not many of his "friends" have been over to see him, let alone invited him to join them with anything.  But Tuesday (I think), N saw us coming home and said, "Hey Jake!  You wanna go to E’s with me??"  Jake was quite excited about it and went inside to change, in that time, N’s brother, K came over.  He wanted to play video games.

Now, K is the ONLY kid who has consistently either come over to play with Jake or invited Jake to come play at his house.  (And he’s the younger brother, so no one wants to play with him 😦   poor kid, he really is sweet).

Jake was torn and I told him it was HIS choice to make.

And he made the one I hoped he would.

He told N that he was going to stay and play video games with K.

Obviously, the weather and the cast were a factor in the decision, but he DID recognize K was a true friend through it all and he rewarded loyalty with loyalty.

He IS paying attention!  LOL

Now, I’m not saying N and the rest of the clan are BAD friends.  I just think they’re typical, insensitive almost-teenage boys.  Once Jake is completely mobile again, I’m sure they’ll all be back to playing football, riding bikes, playing baseball, whatever.  But I don’t think Jake will ever forget the abandonment.  He can forgive it, but he won’t forget it.

Wish his mama could say the same…

21 – Jacob

Well, I shared one of his big successes yesterday, so I’ll probably have a quick entry today.

His next biggest accomplishment has been that he is WALKING!!!  YAY!

He got his cast off on December 8th and was placed in a walking cast (sorry, no picture as yet, but it’s coming).

It took him about 2 weeks to get the hang of it (this time around), but he did and now there’s no stopping him.  Although, he does CONVENIENTLY forget that he CAN walk and expects Mama to jump up and get him XYZ.  Mama ain’t that dumb.  If Mama is already up and getting something, she WILL "deliver", but she’s done with the special trips.

He also decorated the Christmas tree [mostly] himself!  He enjoys doing it, whereas I could care less.  I can only think of how much crap I have to take off and put away in a few weeks, so I leave it to him and he does a great job.  And so far, the kitties have only killed ONE ornament (of course, the tree was just decorated last night *sigh*).  I tried to put the special ornaments closer to the top, so they’d be less of a temptation; and most of the plastic ornaments toward the bottom, so if they got batted off, they’d bounce rather than shatter.

Of course the boogers found a glass one.  *sigh*

Overall, he’s doing spectacularly well.  In school.  Healthwise.  In general.

He’s a great kid.  🙂

20 – Successes

I don’t really have many to speak of, so I will regale you with one of Jacob’s…

He came home with a piece of paper on Monday Night…

"Congratulations Jacob S.  You have qualified for Round 2 of our school Geography Bee!"

Say what?!?

I didn’t even know they HAD such a thing, let alone that my child would be competing!

He is only one of 33 6th graders to make it to Round 2 (one of two in his homeroom!).  He competes in Round 2 on Tuesday, January 4th.  If he makes it through the next few rounds, he goes to STATE COMPETITION!!! 

Say what again!?

Please, please, please cross your fingers that he does HIMSELF proud.  If he only makes it to Round 2, I want him to be ok with that.  (Yes, I want him to try his best, but this was a surprise boon, I don’t want him to put too much pressure on himself).

Needless to say, we are all WAY proud of him!

21 – Jacob

I refer to him, mostly as The Widget on here, but he goes by many names:

Booger Boy

And those are just the ones *I* use! LOL

He’s a rough year this year. He’s had two surgeries to correct congenital defects in his feet. His father didn’t even bother to show up at the hospital for the second surgery, but Jake still falls all over himself when it’s a daddy weekend. Go figure.

He left elementary school and started middle school (junior high). Low man on the totem pole, new teachers to "learn", a 6 story building to navigate, and new kids to make friends with (we have five elementary schools feeding into one middle).

The boys has NEVER complained. "Why me?" "Do I *have* to go?" "It’s not fair." He will come home and tell me if he’s had a bad go of things, but doesn’t ask to never go back again. In a way, it’s a great litmus for if he ever DOES come home and utter those words.

After his initial balking (of fear) over the surgeries, plunged forward and did what was necessary. The casts threw him for the first day or two and then he was off. The only things that he mutters about are lack of friend interaction (they all want to play physical games that he can’t do right now) and the cast itches. I was a rather solitary kid and we lived in the boonies, so the lack of friend interaction wouldn’t have bothered me too much (I don’t think). The itchy cast? Would have made me mental! Don’t tell anyone, but I got him one of those flexible rulers so he can get to different spots on his cast without risk of it breaking or cutting skin. I’ll probably get yelled at for it, but not only is a cast just normally itchy, he’s allergic to whatever chemical they used to prep his leg for surgery and he’s dealing with a [now] mild reaction to it in an area that we can’t clean for another 2 weeks.

The boy is a wonder.

Veteran’s Day I took him to see Adam Richman at a book signing at a local university bookstore. He was beside himself! He LOVES Adam! Want’s to be Adam’s side-kick LOL

He got the "celebrity stutter" when he actually got in front of Adam, but was so happy to get the book signed. Made his LIFETIME when Adam asked to sign Jake’s cast. OMG the face on that kid! LOL PRICELESS! Thank you, Adam, for giving him that.

This passed weekend, we went to the movies with my sister and my nephew. Saw "MEGAMIND". It was really cute and we had a great time. Afterward, we did our annual "kid swap" and took the boys xmas shopping for their mom’s. Both boys did an excellent job choosing their gifts, so my sister gave them each $10 to spend on themselves as well.

My nephew got something called a HEX BUG. Jake bought (with some of his own money as well) army men and baseball cards. After everyone checked out, we sat in the store food court and had some dinner. The boys played together for 3 HOURS with that HEX BUG. It’s been a long time since they’ve gotten along so well and for so long. Thank the gods for maturity.

We all had a terrific time at freakin TARGET for over 3 hours. LOL

Oh, before I forget, they boy also got his report card last week. He got 5 A’s and 2 B’s! WOO HOO! New school, new teachers, new friends and STILL makes honor roll? I’m puff-outta-my-shirt proud!!!

Is there ANY question why I love this kid? LOL

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