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Yesterday’s To Do List:

FLYLADY ZONE 1: Living Room, Dining Room, Entrance

  • Get the wax off the walls and floor from the candle that the %&*&!% cats knocked over – not all finished
  • Sweep the floors
  • Mop the floors – swiffer broke, so didn’t get done
  • Dust
  • Clean window on Front Door
  • (someday, I wanna paint the damn living room)
  • laundry
  • dinner (teriyaki chex mix chicken…new recipe)
  • dishes

Today’s To Do List:

FLYLADY ZONE 1: Living Room, Dining Room, Entrance

  • Get MORE of the wax off the walls and floor from the candle that the %&*&!% cats knocked over
  • Sweep the floors (again)
  • Mop the floors
  • Clean window on Front Door
  • (someday, I wanna paint the damn living room)
  • laundry  (2 loads)
  • dinner
  • dishes

The Widget helped me clean last night.  We did pretty well until the swiffer broke.  😦  I wanted to get a new one, but, it was fine and I couldn’t justify getting a new one.  Thank goodness The Widget was the one using it, so I can’t be blamed for breaking it on purpose to get a new one :-p

Had to throw out quite a bit of stuff because BABY (the male kitten) had peed on it.  I SO need to get him fixed.  I think he’s old enough now, so I will have to stash some money and make an appointment.  If the peeing does not stop after that, I’m going to have to find him a new home.  This is ridiculous!  I was SO pissed at him X-(

Went to bed at 9 last night.  WAY early for me, but apparently, I needed it.  Still couldn’t drag my ass outta bed at 5 (when the alarm went off), but I was up and out of the house by 6:30, so that was good.  Maybe soon I will get back to my 6 am work habit…would be nice.

Today’s To Do List

Friday’s List:


Wipe down toilets
Wash insert on Inny’s toilet
Play Treasure Madness on Facebook πŸ™‚
Read a bit

Went to Frau’s after dropping off the Widget with his dad.  Had a nice time hangin’ with the girls.  Showed them the material for the baby quilt and worked on my Celtic Spring.

Today’s List:

FLYLADY Zone 4:  Master Bedroom (me) Widget’s Bedroom (Widget)

Get xmas leftovers out of room
Widget’s room:  Clean off dressers and desk
Get new shower curtain liner
Get new HEPA filter for vacuum
Play Treasure Madness on Facebook πŸ™‚
Read a bit

Not a whole lot to talk about here.  Been a little off this week due to being "bugged", but the list keeps me focused and on track and I need that.

Daily To Do

Yesterday’s List

Dinner – didn’t really eat any, Peanut had sandwiches
Dishes – Not enough for a full dishwasher load
Make Peanut’s lunch – wants to buy today
Get my lunch together
Wipe down toilets – had to PLUNGE them instead
Wash insert on Inny’s toilet – HAVE to do this today, it’s NASTY
Play Treasure Madness on Facebook πŸ™‚

I spent WAY too much time on Treasure Madness yesterday. It’s my latest obsession. Plays into my OCD about “finishing collections”. Bad, bad idea to start playing that game…

Today’s List:

FlyLady Zone 3: The Bathrooms

Make Peanut’s lunch
Get my lunch together
Wipe down toilets
Wash insert on Inny’s toilet
Play Treasure Madness on Facebook πŸ™‚
Read a bit

I really hate cleaning the bathrooms. They’re always so nasty (damp environment + dust/cat hair = nasty). Seriously, they aren’t “bad”, but “normal gross” LOL. I have been thinking about how I want to redo the downstairs bathroom. It needs a new floor and new sink. Well, it doesn’t NEED a new sink, but in order to have more storage, yet still have room for Inny to get in there with her walker, it needs to have a cabinet sink rather than a pedestal one. Then I can get the tower out of there and she should have more room to maneuver.

Ugh…more money to spend…eventually

General Spewage

The Peanut has been pissing me off lately. Not cleaning. Not listening. Oh and the attitude! Christ, it’s a wonder I haven’t strangled the little brat!

He’s only 10. Shouldn’t I get a few more years reprieve before the teen angst bullshit starts?


Saturday was busy, busy, busy…and a tad chaotic.

The Peanut was grounded…duh. He had to clean his room and the playroom, off and on (alternating) all day. Gather items to give to Goodwill and the trash. Also had to clean/scrub his old toybox (outside) to give to a neighbor.

Anyway, we got a large collection together to bring to the Goodwill. Loaded up the car and off we went. Dropped everything off. Went grocery shopping. Came home. Had lunch. Noticed kittens were missing.


The last time *I* saw them, they were playing on the pile of Goodwill stuff. After tearing through the house, several times, I decided to race back to Goodwill to see if they noticed any of our bags/boxes mewing.

The lovely, lovely people there tore through the dumpsters and every bag we had brought to look for my lovelies. They weren’t there. And while I was gone, The Peanut and The Annoying One hadn’t seen them.

[Note: If you bring toys to Goodwill in a bag vice a box, they will immediately throw it in the dumpster. Will not even open the bag to see that the toys are in excellent condition.]

I came home, bummed and defeated. My babies were gone. However, I still held out some hope that they were still somewhere that we hadn’t looked, so we freshened up their food and put out some milk. Even begged the other kitties to find them. They ignored us.

About an hour later, my friend, KA and her daughter came over! KA and I have been friends since we were very little, until she moved away and life got in the way of us visiting. Found each other on FACEBOOK about a year ago and pretty much picked up as if no time had elapsed.

While we were sitting there chatting, who should show up but the little munchkins!!! They WERE in the house. Little shits! But we were SO glad they weren’t lost/gone!

About 15 mins after that, my old neighbor P and her husband, H stopped in. THey had moved away about a month ago, so it was a nice surprise. P felt bad that she was “interrupting” KA’s visit, but KA was very gracious and understanding. πŸ™‚

All in all, we had a nice visit. I’m still not sure KA knows how to take me. She has infinite patience (as would be expected from an ICU nurse) and doesn’t seem to be as “dirty language fluent” as I. :-p Always feel I must censor myself, lest I offend her.

I’m REALLY not that “base” of a person, but I do like a good explicative laden rant from time to time. Sadly, it’s been more daily, than time to time. Sad…

Yesterday had me doing more housework (laundry is mostly caught up…just have sheets left). I even got down in my basement craft room and started putting things away. Actually, I was looking for Halloween items for my class later, but it was a good impetus for organizing, and putting away. πŸ™‚

Went to class with The Creative One and Uber Crafty Lady. Even though I think my stuff STINKS compared to theirs, I had a fantastic time. Although The Runner couldn’t make it 😦

Thoroughly enjoyed making the boxes and cards. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. Can’t wait to start decorating!!! πŸ™‚

Next week is Fall Borders. Hopefully it will be just as fun πŸ™‚

Today is back to the grind. The Peanut is STILL grounded and will spend most of the rest of his life indoors cleaning his two shitholes. Hopefully he will show siginificant progress before xmas. Otherwise, there will be no xmas. I hate that holiday anyway…so it will be EASY for me to enforce that evil little punishment. *evil grin*

Boy Do I Have a LIST

My friend, M, said that I don’t post enough on here, so I’m going to post CRAP! (Oh, and Happy Birthday to C, M’s wife! πŸ™‚

Just kidding…sorta

I’m going to post my list of things I’d like to get done around the house. Maybe if I have it in ONE spot, I won’t keep forgetting what I want to get done…

So, here goes (I will expand on topics later, if needed)…

β€’ Mulch gardens
β€’ Weed gardens (hopefully just a weekly thing)
β€’ Expand driveway (may not be able to do this for a few years)
β€’ Seal driveway
β€’ Plant some pretty flowers
β€’ New fencing (maybe next year?)

Front Yard:
β€’ Trim bushes

Side Yard:
β€’ Weed side garden (BIG JOB)

Back Yard:
β€’ Clear out space behind the shed (‘nuther BIG JOB)
β€’ Plant a vegetable garden
β€’ Deck out back (again, few years from now)


β€’ Caulk windows
β€’ Cut door
β€’ Paint door
β€’ Replace door knob

Craft Area
β€’ Pack up craft area
β€’ Purge craft area
β€’ Clean craft area
β€’ Move Granemo
β€’ Disassemble craft desk (redesign?)
β€’ Move to Jake’s old room

Play Room
β€’ Get rid of bed
β€’ Hang curtains or panels to create privacy for back
β€’ Clean/purge playroom

Utility Room
β€’ Clean/purge utility room
β€’ New laundry organizer

First Floor:

Living Room
β€’ Paint
β€’ Caulk windows
β€’ Frame windows?
β€’ Hang pictures
β€’ Clean floor

Dining Room
β€’ Clean Floor
β€’ Hang pictures
β€’ Take down PB Panels
β€’ Make tablecloth
β€’ New table/chairs?

β€’ Move outlets
β€’ Move light switch
β€’ Move pantry
β€’ Take down gingerbread
β€’ Replace light
β€’ Move base cabinet
β€’ Cut countertop
β€’ Move fridge
β€’ Paint windows
β€’ Frame windows
β€’ New backdoor?
β€’ Replace ΒΌ round
β€’ Fix threshold
β€’ Hang pictures
β€’ Hang 2 cabinets
β€’ Buy Varde base cabinet?
β€’ Hang PB panels?

β€’ New floor?
β€’ New vanity
β€’ New medicine cabinet
β€’ Paint door
β€’ Move glass cabinet
β€’ New wrought iron accessories

Inny’s Room
β€’ Clean/purge corners
β€’ Toss rug
β€’ Toss night stand
β€’ New night stand
β€’ Move bed
β€’ Move closets
β€’ Hang pictures
β€’ Hang new curtains
β€’ Paint?
β€’ Paint/caulk windows

β€’ Clean/purge/organize
β€’ Paint doors
β€’ Replace door knobs
β€’ Remove pipe
β€’ New shelves?

Second Floor:

Jacob’s Room
β€’ Disassemble bed
β€’ Disassemble dresser
β€’ Empty bookcase
β€’ Empty wardrobe
β€’ Empty closet
β€’ Paint walls
β€’ Paint windows
β€’ Paint baseboards
β€’ Paint doors
β€’ Replace door knobs
β€’ Clean floor
β€’ Move all items to craft room
β€’ Clean/purge/organize

β€’ New vanity
β€’ New medicine cabinet
β€’ Paint door
β€’ Replace door knob
β€’ Repair walls by tub
β€’ Paint
β€’ New shower curtain rod
β€’ Hang soap/shampoo dispenser

β€’ Paint door
β€’ Replace door knob
β€’ Clean/purge/organize

My Room
β€’ Paint last door
β€’ Replace last door knob
β€’ Re-secure curtain rods
β€’ Paint closets
β€’ Paint window in large closet
β€’ New curtain rod for large closet window
β€’ Clean/purge/organize


*WARNING!!! Brain-dump ahead*


I SO need to stop re-arranging my basement (living room, playroom, basement, bedroom, etc).

I just can’t get the flow right. And I can’t work if the place is a disaster. At least, I keep telling myself if I get the craft room clean and organized, I’ll actually DO something (besides peek in there, go “oh, eff this” and leave).

I share a 26 x 17 basement with my son. I gave him the front half of the basement, because I don’t want him and his friends traipsing through my stuff to get to his playroom. However, his playroom is also the “family room”. Well, it’s where the main TV is (and the Wii). I rarely watch TV, but like to sit and watch something on the DVR or watch DVDs. WE do have a TV in the living room, but currently, it’s only cable-ready, it can’t be hooked to a DVD/VCR, etc.

With my tax return, I plan to buy a flat-panel for the living room and put the DVR/DVD/VCR, etc. in there. I’ll give the “just cable-ready” TV to my aunt for her room and take her little one and put it in Jake’s room (maybe).

So, if I put all the “family room” accessories in the living room, I won’t have to worry much about the playroom being a “family room” (just a side note: I HATE having a TV in the living room) and Jacob can have a bit more room down there to play. Actually, no extra “room” just less of “family stuff”.

My craft room is basically just a couple of desks, a sewing machine and organizing supplies (bookcases, shelves, boxes, etc.). I want it to flow so that I can access everything I need for a given project within a reasonable amount of time. Part of my problem is that I want it out-of-sight, so none of Jacob’s friends will be curious and want to touch (if I’m not down there); but I like my supplies to be IN sight, so I know what I have and possible gain inspiration from it all.


*wipes away tears*

Ok, sorry, better now.

I also hate setting all the furniture against the walls in a giant rectangle, but if I don’t, it doesn’t flow well enough. I’ve tried setting up “stations”, but some of my supplies are applicable to more than one hobby and there’s no better solution than to have one central place for it all (i.e., cutting supplies, colors – pens, pencils, crayons, markers, paper, patterns).

Some of it is easy to segregate and organize, but the “dangerous for little hands” stuff and “multi-purpose supplies” are a bit more challenging and it’s driving me crazy!!!!!!

I also don’t go down to the basement much in the winter months because it’s so dang cold down there (no direct heat, just heaters). And in the summer months, I keep trying to tell myself I should be outside playing/landscaping, etc.

I think I should just give up my hobbies and sell all my crap.

ok, I’ve lost my rhythm and train of thought…time to give up on it…for now


Let’s see…


After work, I believe I laid down for a bit (been quite exhausted the last week or so…) then drove The Peanut to meet his dad for the weekend. (Don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but The Toad got his own apartment a few weeks ago. Congrats to him.). Took me about and HOUR to drive home afterward.

Spoke to my friend, Interior Designer, on the way home. Let her know we [the Queens’ Croppers] were all meeting at my house because The Frau’s youngest was sick. We wanted to give her and the kids a chance to rest (she’s been quite exhausted since getting her two little ones about 2 weeks ago).

Got home about 1/2 hour before everyone starting arriving.

I didn’t scrap with the ladies, but did finish the necklace that I’d started Thursday during Crafty Thursday Lunch with The Creative One, The Runner and The Opinionated One. (As you can probably guess, I’m trying to respect my friends’ anonymity in my blogs). I will post a picture of the necklace later.

I was up until about 2 am with The Queens’ Croppers.


I woke up Saturday morning and had a rendevouz with He-Man. Was fun.

Had planned to finish painting in my bedroom and maybe move some furniture. Didn’t happen because I have a tendency to get down after seeing He-Man. I’m pretty sure I know why, but doesn’t stop me from doing it. Also didn’t help that I watched “I Am Sam” on TV. Good movie, but depressing too.

Just so the day wasn’t a total waste, I took the cart out of the dining room and put it outside. It has metal shelves and wooden top. I intend to use it to hold BBQ tools and such. Let’s see how it survives the weather…

Met The Interior Designer at Starbucks for some hot chocolate and chit-chat. We talked about her design portfolio and also discussed some ideas I had for my house. She’s actually quite talented and does beautiful work. I can’t wait to see her next project. πŸ™‚

She gave me a big [26″] TV to take home. A neighbor of hers moved out and left the TV. She already has a big TV so said that I could take it if I wanted to (apparently, the little 13″ I have in my bedroom didn’t seem big enough to her :-p). I may actually give the big TV to Inny as it is only cable-ready and I like to watch DVDs/videos in my bedroom and need a TV that has A/V hook-ups. Was planning to maybe get myself a 19″ flat panel sometime next year…we’ll see.

After meeting with The Interior Designer, I went home and worked on my cross stitch, watched a Lifetime movie about CoCo Chanel and painted the last wall in my bedroom.

Again, up until 2 am.


Now, SUNDAY was a BUSY day.

Busy, busy, busy.

I got up late. Actually woke up around 6 and had trouble falling back to sleep, but there was NO WAY I was getting up at 6 after going to bed at 2.

Finally got up around 10 and hit the ground running.

I painted the trim (1st coat) on the last wall then started The Great Furniture Rearrangement.

I emptied the drawers of the dressers in The Peanut’s room and took them downstairs. I taped the edges then took them outside to be painted. Put the first coat of primer on then went inside to do more. And of course, while dragging the dresser outside, backed right into the corner of my kitchen counter. No bruise, yet, but VERY sore hip.

Threw in a load of laundry then had The Babbler clean off the top of her dresser so I could get that ready to move.

Cleared out a spot in The Peanut’s room and then went down to take the mirror of the dresser in the Babbler’s room. Pulled out the drawers and put them in the living room, then moved the dresser from her room to Peanut’s room.

Dusted and polished.

Went to my room and took the tape down (from painting the wall). Began the second coat on the trim and started emptying the wardrobes.

Flip-flopped the laundry.

Took the mirror upstairs to the Peanut’s room. Put it on top of the dresser (where it belonged) and cleaned and polished it.

ONE thing accomplished! Go me!

Next, I shimmied, tilted and dragged the wardrobes down the stairs. Dropped one on my toe, so had to deal with some blood. *sigh*

Once they were downstairs, I cleaned the spot where The Babbler’s dresser was and made her leave the room so I could bring the wardrobes in and not worry about them possibly falling on her. Got them in and in place.

TWO things accomplished!

After they were in, I went back up to my room and moved the dresser from my walk-in closet into my bedroom (where the wardrobes were). As I was uncovering the mirror for the dresser THE BIGGEST FUCKING SPIDER IN THE UNIVERSE came scrambling out and ran and hid behind a bookcase.

OMFG! I hate spiders! I’ve been getting better, but good gods that thing was HUGE and FAST!

Rather than freak and not finish my projects, I, warily, finished getting the mirror out of the room and hooked it up to my dresser.

Ran out and put two more coats of paint on the dressers (and drawers).

Then I had to run and pick up The Peanut. Picked him up and started home. Talked to The Spider Whisperer along the way and was delighed when she offered to help me get rid of the spider. *willies* blech!

Once home, The Peanut went out to play with friends while I finished The Great Furniture Rearrangement.

I pulled the chest of drawers out of The Babbler’s room and then paid for the pizza.

After pizza and soda, The Spider Whisperer came over and helped me get rid of Big Fucking Ugly Spider. (Thank goodness, because I don’t think I could have slept until that thing was gone. I sure hope it doesn’t have friends in the house!)

After The Big Fucking Ugly Spider was gone, The Spider Whisperer helped me carry the chest of drawers to my bedroom.

Shortly after that, my friend, The Runner, came over for pizza and company. She was having a bad day and needed some company. Actually, I think she needed the mindless fun of playing with The Peanut and his friends. πŸ˜‰

While she was playing on the scooter with the kids, I dragged the chest of drawers into my closet and took up the drawers.

Cleaned and polished and began filling the drawers.

THREE things accomplished!

The Runner and The Peanut helped me carry in the dressers and drawers and put them together in the dining room.

FOUR things accomplished!

Afterward, sat and chatted with The Runner for a bit. After The Peanut’s shower, he read for a bit and then said goodnight to The Runner.

I then set up the dishwasher to run while we were in bed and brought the last drawer upstairs (for the chest of drawers).

I took a shower while The Peanut put his clothes away. After my shower, The Peanut and I had our nightly cuddle.

After our cuddle, I went to the basement and flipped the laundry one last time, grabbed the carpet cleaner for The Babbler (cat puked on her carpet) and grabbed an extension cord so I could put an extra fan in The Peanut’s room.

After getting The Peanut all set for bed, I relaxed in my room (watched Season 2 of Stargage: Atlantis).

Took me FOREVER to finally fall asleep because it was so flippin’ hot. I also think it was because I’d had SOOOOOOO much caffeine (had 1/2 gallon of iced tea and about 4 glasses of Pepsi the whole day)…and I was also still a bit creeped out about The Big Fucking Ugly Spider.

And of course, come in to the Spirit Crushing Shit Hole to find the air isn’t working. There are no fucking windows in this piece of shit building.

I feel sick to my stomach, tired and do NOT want to be here.

Ain’t life grand?


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