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01 – Hobbies

Let’s see, what was I working on…

I’ve got several projects in-progress right now…

Cross Stitch:  Celtic Summer.  Haven’t touched her in a while.  Will need to take a picture and post and update
Scrapbooking:  STILL working on Jake’s baby book; an xmas album and Jake’s school albums
Crochet:  Working on a sweater for [info]nizzynizz and some garland for the holidays
Jewelry Making:  just some holiday bracelets right now
Card Making:  holiday and birthday cards
Rubber Stamping:  done in conjunction with the Card Making
Sewing:  Have an outfit in the making and a cast cover to design for Gimpy
Quilting:  Haven’t done one in a while, but Nizzy would like another one 🙂
General Crafting:  Made ornaments for two exchanges
Reading:  Just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and walking around with Bridge To America by Linda Glaser
Home Improvements:  Need to rearrange some furniture and thinking of tearing apart and then rebuilding the desk I made a few years ago.

Ok, so what progress have I made?

Cross Stitch:  Haven’t touched it.  Want to order the beads first, because I think beading while stitching will make it less of a chore.
Scrapbooking:  Haven’t touched any of that either.  But the plan is to work on at least scrapping the xmas cards I got this [past] year.
Crochet:  I have finished one side of the sweater!  YAY!  need to do a fitting with .  Garland never got made.  :-/
Jewelry Making:  Only made the one holiday bracelet, but maybe I’ll work on a few more.  We shall see.
Card Making:  Made 95% of my holiday cards.  Need to make a birthday card for my Aunt (her bday is tomorrow).
Rubber Stamping:  Did it with the holiday cards.  No plans for immediate future
Sewing:  Have NOT made the outfit, but have made TWO cast covers for Gimpy.  One fleece, the other water-proof.  Plans to make another fleece, just so there can be one in the wash and one for use.  Also plan to make some pillow covers for some big pillows I bought for my bed.
Quilting:  Haven’t done one.  Nizzy wants one, I’d like one and I considered making one for my baby nephew, but have heard it may not go over well, so fuck it.
General Crafting:  Nothing on the horizon…as yet, but may try to be a little creative with some rattan baskets that I have 😉
Reading:  Need to find and begin reading the next book for our book club (Name of the Wind?)
Home Improvements:  Oh, there’s a lot to be done here.  The desk will have to be put on hold.  I think I’ll work on the kitchen and maybe putting the damn frosted glass stuff on the bathroom windows.

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