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16 – Habits

As I stated in my last entry, I’ve started drinking water.  That’s a GOOD habit.  And I’ve started using lotion.  Another good habit.

My bad habits are eating cookies or chocolate after dinner.  Cookies are my Achilles heel.  I love me cookies!  😀  I’m going to commit to eating HALF of what I’d normally take (I don’t think FOUR cookies a night is a terribly awful thing, but TWO is MUCH better).

I need to get back into the habit of walking again.  My neighbor and I used to walk for an hour or so every night.  I want to get back to that, but fatigue, commitments and weather have thwarted us.  I think we need to "thwart" back :-p

16 – Habits

Oh…this is a bad one…

So many habits to break…and so many to create.

My biggest habit to break would be PROCRASTINATION.  I’ll ALWAYS try to eek out a bit more time before I do something (especially if it’s unpleasant).  However, if I’d have just done it when it needed to be done, it would probably have taken me 2 seconds and that’s it. 

Believe it or not, I’ve been working on this.  Just bit the bullet and cleaned my kitchen on Friday Night.  It wasn’t filthy, just cluttered and a bit messy.  But I made a promise to clean it, from top to bottom, on Friday night, and I did.  Attacked it as soon as I got home.  Did EVERYTHING.  Even mopped the floor.  TWICE!  I want to mop it again, because it just doesn’t feel clean [yet] to me.  And I’ve been KEEPING it clean!  YAY ME!  There are only 3 glasses in the sink (because they found their way to the kitchen during our 9 pm clean-up and the dishwasher had already been running).  They’ll get thrown into the dishwasher tonight.

I even used my Kitchen Momentum to do a bit in the Dining Room!  Granted, I’ve only been good at keeping the dining room table clutter-free, but it’s a start!  I did sweep the floor.  I’ve even sketched a plan for decorating the room (it requires procuring furniture from another room and purging furniture from the dining room).  It’s not much, but I’m proud of me 🙂

Obviously, the end of my PROCRASTINATION habit is building my DO IT NOW habit.  I’m trying to pass that one on to my son too. Which is where the 9 pm clean up comes from.  told him we have to clean up the living room/dining room/kitchen before we go up for bed, every night.  It’s so much nicer to get up to a CLEAN living room/dining room/kitchen every morning.  Keeps the mood light and keeps us happy in the mornings (I am SO not a morning person).

Let’s hope we can keep up the good work!

16 – Habits


I could talk about bad habits, good habits, creating habits or breaking habits…

I think I’ll probably touch on all of them at some point, but let’s start with creating habits.

I need to get into the habit of sticking to my schedule(s).  I have routines, most of the time I follow them, but sometimes (like if I get on the freakin computer!) I completely blow them off.

I guess this is more of a BREAKING a habit rant…hmmm…

I need to break the habit of faffing off most of my day on facebook.  For someone who doesn’t really like other people, I spend a lot of time being nosy about other peoples’ lives.  It started off as a way to connect with old friends and turned into a nightmare of games and "status lotto".  I think I need to cut out facebook.  I don’t want to completely cut it out, but I need to break the habit of the games. 

I need to get into the habit of making a  menu plan for dinners.  I’d like to be good and do an entire month at once, but I know that won’t happen.  I need to sit down on Sunday, plan my meals for the week, shop, and make sure I cook!  I love to cook, why is it so hard for me to do something I like?  Because I don’t know WHAT I want to cook.  And I’m so freakin tired when I come home from  work I don’t want to do anything, but that’s just me being a whiney maggot and I need to get over myself.

FlyLady calls the "good" habits "routines".  She sets up a routine for the whole day.  Morning Routine.  Afternoon Routine.  Before Bed Routine.  I started writing all that shit down, but then I place it somewhere (not where it should be *sigh*) and forget about it.

Figuring out a place to START is always the hardest for me.

So…I’m going to blindly run my finger over this post and wherever it stops, is where I’m going to start…

Morning Routine.

Ok…let’s see, what do I do in the mornings?

Get up
wash hands
remove retainers
brush teeth
wash face
wake up The Widget
Get dressed
Brush hair (should add STYLE hair)
Make sure the Widget brushed, washed, dressed and used deodorant
go downstairs
grab work bag
grab The Widget’s school bag
Grab lunches (if I remembered to make them the night before!)
fuck around on the computer (that needs to go!)
Put the Widget on the bus
Go to work

Wow!  I guess I do more than I thought, however, making and eating breakfast should be in there somewhere (although, I will admit, I have made breakfast at work and eaten it there).  However, I’m on a grits kick right now and it doesn’t take all that long to make a bowl of grits for breakfast.  Maybe I will do that tomorrow.  

Add in breakfast and see where this takes me.  Hopefully, but next week, I can work on a new routine (or keep refining this one, who knows)…guess we’ll find out next month!

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