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25 – Good Deeds

I have done ZERO in the last 31 days.

I’m a lousy human being…NOT.

Just busy with my own issues.  When I get them under control, I will help others.


25 – Good Deeds

I actually did some!!!

A friend’s cousin’s house burned down (AWFUL), but I got the word out to my friends and wound up taking a nice carload of clothes, shoes, etc. to her.  🙂

ANOTHER friend’s DAUGHTER’s apartment burned down.  (what’s with the fires, people?!)  I was able to give her some money and will still go through my household items to see what I have that she can use.

And yet ANOTHER friend of a friend’s house burned down.  CHRISTMAS MORNING.  😦  A family wiht kids.  Merry EFFIN Xmas.  :-/  Thankfully (?) their son is in sizes that Jake has grown out of, so the widget and I are putting clothes asside…and toys.  I just need to get more info from MMJ as to what else is needed and where I can send the box.  (reminder to me to msg her).

I’m hoping that will be the end of "fires hitting too close to home" for us.  What an awful, awful season for fires.  Like any time is a good one, but still.

I have to give some kudos to the boy.  When I told him what happened to this family, he went right up to his room to find what he could give AND requested that we "play Santa" as well.  Sadly, I don’t know how well finances will allow that, but we can try…

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