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Too Much…Too Tired

I’m so far behind and can’t get ahead.

At least not today. Lemme have today to whine/wilt. Tomorrow I’ll kick ass and take names.

I’m tired.

Too tired based upon what I’ve been doing. Which is nothing noteworthy.

However, I’m so damn tired/forgetful that I almost burned my fucking house down. (Put a pan on the stove, on LOW thank the gods, and promptly forgot about it and went to bed. I remembered it 3 seconds after hitting my snooze at 5 am this morning. 10 fucking hours on a lit burner. FUCK).

This is, of course, after 4 hours at the docs office with The Widget. He has severe pronation (FLAT FEET). So bad in fact, he now needs surgery. *whine*

He has an extra bone (accessory navicular) that needs to be removed.  Tight heel cords which will require cutting of bone and grafting of a cadaver bone (because most kids claim the graft taken from their hip bones hurt more than the surgery on the foot…which I believe because my brother complained more about that than the surgery on his neck).  And Pes valgus .  Basically he needs to have the ligaments in his calf shortened, the accessory navicular removed and his tight heel cords loosened (which requires "breaking bone" and adding [cadaver] bone).

The Widget is angry with me that I’m scheduling the surgery.  He had been trying to do the stretching exercises (not often enough) to try to stretch the heel, but once the doc saw he had the extra bone, it was done.  It has to come out.  They say they don’t do surgery if there is no pain, and The Widget swore he had no pain, but all the doc did was press on the spot on his foot where the extra bone was (not even that hard) and The Widget nearly jumped off the table. :-/  (he DOES complain that his feet hurt if he walks excessively and during the soccer season).

I’m convinced now it’s just stress causing my sleepless/sleepiness.  I can’t sleep for more than a few minutes at a time, but can’t get my ass outta bed either.  The adrenaline shot of realizing I almost burned down my house is what got me outta bed this morning.  I don’t think anything else would have. 

Headaches are a daily occurence and only marginally relieved by meds. 



EDIT (1340):  I have been trying, since 0800, to get through to the to FUCKING BITCH that schedules surgery.  It *should* have been scheduled YESTERDAY at his appointment, but I took her at her word that she would talk to me this morning and schedule the appointment.  For everyone’s sake, I hope she calls back soon, my patience and civility slip further and further from my grasp the more time slugs by.  If you’ve never, truly seen me angry, consider yourself extremely lucky…and stay away…I take no responsibility for your stupidity at being within striking range after you’ve been warned.

EDIT (01FEB/0952):  March 26th.  Will not know time until night before.

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