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General Spewage

Let’s see…where to start?


I’ve been doing more crafty stuff! YAY!

However, I will no longer post it here. BOO!

A friend and I have created our own Crafty Blog and need minions to come check us out. You can find us at CreativelyMotivated.

Never fear! I will still post tidbits from my regular day-to-day life, but will leave the crafting to CreativelyMotivated (I’ll probably cheat and post links here, at least 😉   I’m seriously behind with my posting there, but will catch up eventually.  Have Summer Camp to update, CKC to squee about and general crafty goodness to ponder.

Been having trouble sleeping lately.  I think it was about 3 weeks ago when it hit me last, but this time around was MUCH worse.  I believe I saw 4 am before I feel asleep, only to get up by 7 to get into the SCSH.  :-/  Let’s hope this doesn’t repeat tonite.  I think I will go postal.

The Widget is doing well.  Cleaning and playing this summer.  🙂  He has to clean his bedroom and playroom before his next surgery.  If he does, he gets the 19" Flat Panel LCD TV with built-in DVD (that’s currently in my room).  If he does not, he gets nothing.  However, he *may* get his old 13" color tube TV for his bedroom, but only while he’s convalescing.  It was taken away because the room was a disaster.  He’s trying, I’ll give him that.

Did a lot of yard work in the last few weeks.  Got ALL my gardens weeded and re-mulched (of course, by now, they all need to be weeded AGAIN *sigh*)  Also got the jungle cleared out behind my shed.  I put mulch down in there too…hoping to deter the jungle from it’s return, but I’m not holding my breath.

The inside of my house is a complete disaster, but I’m working on it.  In dribs and drabs.  The first place I need to start is my aunt’s room, but I’ve been procrastinating because I do NOT want to have to talk to her.  She annoys the crap out of me and I avoid her at all costs, which is just plain mean, I know.  But she doesn’t know how to mind her own business, nor does she grasp the concept of "hey, I’m working, I can’t sit and entertain YOU all day.  It’s not like YOU’RE gonna pick up after yourself you lazy ass!"  (Ok, that was a bit caustic…but accurate).

She has what I call "The Wall O’Crap" in her room.  I need to sort through that and then I can move some furniture around to bring her chair back into her room.

Actually, I think I need to start with the box spring that’s in her room.  It needs to go down to my mom’s…which requires renting (or borrowing) a truck/van.  And then, you know, actually MOVING it.  Once it’s down to my mom’s (along with the frame and headboard), I need to assemble it in her [new] room, disassemble her old bed, load that in the van and then bring it back to my house for The Widget.  Which, of course, means I will have to assemble it here.  I’m not counting on help because, well, I never usually get it (from family).  But, it needs to be done.  I will see what monies are left over after I’ve paid my bills this Friday and see if I can’t rent the truck for Saturday and just "git ‘r done".  Wish me luck!

Currently reading Illium by Dan Simmons.  It’s driving me batty.  Not that it’s not entertaining, but all the friggin GREEK names are making my eyes cross and my brain say "OUCH".  Add to that, it has 3 different plot lines (at present, I’m not very far in), it’s moving WAY too slowly for me.  I doubt I will get it done in time for our Book Club Meeting on Sunday, (and I won’t be able to make it anyway, have a family member to "visit" that day) but I’m gonna try to plod through until it’s due back to the library.  I don’t plan to renew (unless it picks up the pace and becomes AWESOME!).  I ain’t holdin’ my breath…

Let’s see, what else?

Hmm, there’s not much else.  Guess if anything else comes to mind, I can always post another entry.

So with that, friends, I bid you "good day"!

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