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Today’s To Do List

FlyLady Zone 1: Entrance, Dining Room (I add Living Room because they’re all connected).

Put end table back in it’s home
Clean off Dining Room table
Clean off side board
Find a new home for “pantry” (even if that home is not in mine)
Find a new home for all the dishes in the “pantry”
Play Treasure Madness on Facebook 🙂

Did a few things on my list. Game Night took precedence over the pantry and side board, but the table got mostly cleared, since we had to play the game on it.

My friend, nizzynizz joined The Peanut and I for Game Night as well, and it was great. We played Scrabble SLAM! and Monopoly Deal. Both were a mega-hit! Nizz had played Monopoly Deal before, so she taught us how to play…thank goodness, because reading the directions was so not happening. So diggin’ Monopoly Deal. I enjoy games (board, card, some video, etc.) so it was a nice fun evening with two great people.

Thanks, Nizz! The Peanut and I had a great time! 🙂

Must. Stop. Internetting….

Is that even a word?

Well, it is now!

I’ve been pretty good at getting things done at home. Even made dinner. Ok, I made fried egg sandwiches, but it was food, damnit!

I did two loads of laundry. Ok, left one in the dryer and one in the washer all night long…but the washer load went in the dryer this morning! Swears!

And what have I been scouring the internet for?

New and improved organization ideas?

NO (good guess tho)

Child behavoiral therapy?

NO (again, good guess)

Money management classes?

Uh, no…

I’ve been playing f*cking Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook! for freaking HOURS! What the hell?

And if I’m not playing that, I’m playing Jewel Quest III.

It’s an addiction. I really must stop.

Or make sure everything else is done before I play 😉

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