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08 – Friends/Family

I’ve been spending more time with friends lately.  🙂

I went to Mrs. K’s house on Saturday (at the behest of Mrs. R. – I’m known to beg off if it’s too late, I’m too tired or the weather’s crappy…like the snow we got).  But since Mrs. R was driving and came to get me, I had no excuse :-p

We had a great time.  We ordered food, played Harry Potter Clue (quite fun!), watched some Jeff Dunham, played Wii Monopoly Streets and watched the end of The Crow.

We were there quite late, but we had a good time.  🙂

Had the family Christmas on New Year’s Day.  That was quite fun as well.  LOTS of food, but the WHOLE family was there.  Yes, I guilted my aunt into going (she was gonna pull a Jen).  But, she went and we all had a good time.  She got to meet MAC and see just how stinkin cute he was.

There were no major issues between any members.  My brother and his wife did leave kind of early, but he wasn’t feeling well and I’m pretty sure MAC was jones for a nap 😉

All-in-all, I’ve been doing better and enjoying my time. 

Now, to schedule MORE crafty time with friends. >:)

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