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Today’s To Do List

FlyLady Zone 1: Entrance, Dining Room (I add Living Room because they’re all connected).

Put end table back in it’s home
Clean off Dining Room table
Clean off side board
Find a new home for “pantry” (even if that home is not in mine)
Find a new home for all the dishes in the “pantry”
Play Treasure Madness on Facebook 🙂

Did a few things on my list. Game Night took precedence over the pantry and side board, but the table got mostly cleared, since we had to play the game on it.

My friend, nizzynizz joined The Peanut and I for Game Night as well, and it was great. We played Scrabble SLAM! and Monopoly Deal. Both were a mega-hit! Nizz had played Monopoly Deal before, so she taught us how to play…thank goodness, because reading the directions was so not happening. So diggin’ Monopoly Deal. I enjoy games (board, card, some video, etc.) so it was a nice fun evening with two great people.

Thanks, Nizz! The Peanut and I had a great time! 🙂

General Spewage

The Peanut has been pissing me off lately. Not cleaning. Not listening. Oh and the attitude! Christ, it’s a wonder I haven’t strangled the little brat!

He’s only 10. Shouldn’t I get a few more years reprieve before the teen angst bullshit starts?


Saturday was busy, busy, busy…and a tad chaotic.

The Peanut was grounded…duh. He had to clean his room and the playroom, off and on (alternating) all day. Gather items to give to Goodwill and the trash. Also had to clean/scrub his old toybox (outside) to give to a neighbor.

Anyway, we got a large collection together to bring to the Goodwill. Loaded up the car and off we went. Dropped everything off. Went grocery shopping. Came home. Had lunch. Noticed kittens were missing.


The last time *I* saw them, they were playing on the pile of Goodwill stuff. After tearing through the house, several times, I decided to race back to Goodwill to see if they noticed any of our bags/boxes mewing.

The lovely, lovely people there tore through the dumpsters and every bag we had brought to look for my lovelies. They weren’t there. And while I was gone, The Peanut and The Annoying One hadn’t seen them.

[Note: If you bring toys to Goodwill in a bag vice a box, they will immediately throw it in the dumpster. Will not even open the bag to see that the toys are in excellent condition.]

I came home, bummed and defeated. My babies were gone. However, I still held out some hope that they were still somewhere that we hadn’t looked, so we freshened up their food and put out some milk. Even begged the other kitties to find them. They ignored us.

About an hour later, my friend, KA and her daughter came over! KA and I have been friends since we were very little, until she moved away and life got in the way of us visiting. Found each other on FACEBOOK about a year ago and pretty much picked up as if no time had elapsed.

While we were sitting there chatting, who should show up but the little munchkins!!! They WERE in the house. Little shits! But we were SO glad they weren’t lost/gone!

About 15 mins after that, my old neighbor P and her husband, H stopped in. THey had moved away about a month ago, so it was a nice surprise. P felt bad that she was “interrupting” KA’s visit, but KA was very gracious and understanding. 🙂

All in all, we had a nice visit. I’m still not sure KA knows how to take me. She has infinite patience (as would be expected from an ICU nurse) and doesn’t seem to be as “dirty language fluent” as I. :-p Always feel I must censor myself, lest I offend her.

I’m REALLY not that “base” of a person, but I do like a good explicative laden rant from time to time. Sadly, it’s been more daily, than time to time. Sad…

Yesterday had me doing more housework (laundry is mostly caught up…just have sheets left). I even got down in my basement craft room and started putting things away. Actually, I was looking for Halloween items for my class later, but it was a good impetus for organizing, and putting away. 🙂

Went to class with The Creative One and Uber Crafty Lady. Even though I think my stuff STINKS compared to theirs, I had a fantastic time. Although The Runner couldn’t make it 😦

Thoroughly enjoyed making the boxes and cards. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. Can’t wait to start decorating!!! 🙂

Next week is Fall Borders. Hopefully it will be just as fun 🙂

Today is back to the grind. The Peanut is STILL grounded and will spend most of the rest of his life indoors cleaning his two shitholes. Hopefully he will show siginificant progress before xmas. Otherwise, there will be no xmas. I hate that holiday anyway…so it will be EASY for me to enforce that evil little punishment. *evil grin*

Holiday in Review

Whew! Thank goodness THAT’s over!

Not that I don’t love me some time off, but I’m totally holiday’d out! I can’t get the decorations down or packed fast enough! I want my living room back!

Peanut got a TON of Star Wars stuff for xmas. He got far too many clones than I could count, two vehicles, all SEVEN movies (the animated Clone Wars included in the original 6-disc series), a Star Wars The Clone Wars version of Monopoly (which he has played ONCE), trading cards, etc.

He also got clothes, toys, pens, pencils, typical stocking stuffers and TONS of candy.

I’m still amazed that my family can insist on a Pollyanna and then STILL buy for everybody. Do you people have ANY clue as to the purpose of a Pollyanna??? Wake up!

I made out like a bandit. Got everything on my Pollyanna lists (family and Queen’s Croppers). I got The Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison (in paperback), a Joan Jett CD and three cute ornaments from my family Pollyanna (my sister, Thank you!). I got photo splits and layout folders from my QC Pollyanna (“Mom”, Thank you!). The Peanut got me the Snowman Webkinz and the singing snowmen from Hallmark (Thank you!). “Santa” gave me my perfume and tons of cool stocking stuffers (Thank you!).

The Runner gave me a cute needlepoint kit that I will do shortly (because I need to finish THIS first) and some GC which I will TOTALLY enjoy spending. 🙂

Spent NYE with The Peanut and some giggling friends. Decided to throw a Come As You Are party for him and his friends. Figured they could show up in the PJs, party and crash. Which is pretty much exactly what they did. 🙂 My friend got some cute pics of them making noise and shooting off poppers at midnight. 🙂

The Peanut is exhausted from the holidays, but I think pretty glad to be back at school today…we shall see when he gets home 😉

I am back at the SCSH and champing at the bit for my orthodonitst appointment. I KNOW I won’t be getting the bottom braces off today, but I’ll be one step closer once the appt’s over! Wow, the end to that race is in sight!

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