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Another Surgery?

Took Jacob to the orthopedist at CHOP yesterday. He’s had flat feet and foot pain for almost as long as he’s been alive. His pedi never really seemed to notice or think it was a big concern, but at his last appointment, I wanted it addressed. He’s growing like a weed and that includes his feet too (i.e., he wears the SAME SIZE as me…and I’ve been the same size since 6th grade…a woman’s 10).

Anyway, we met with Dr. Davidson and he was extremely personable and informative. A unique combination in a doctor, lemme tell ya!

Seems Jacob’s ligaments are very tight. He can’t flex his foot normally. He has to tilt his feet to the side and then he can flex. He said Jake was probably the 3rd worst he’d seen that day 😦

He gave us some exercises to do to try to stretch the achilles and hopefully avoid surgery (but from what he’s said, I’m pretty sure he’ll still be a surgical candidate even after 3 months of stretching).

Jacob has to stand at the kitchen counter with his feet together, but on the outsides (arches/heels/soles touching), then lean toward the counter. He has to hold this position for up to 20 minutes. (if I can find a pic/diagram I’ll post).

Anyway, if these stretches don’t loosen him up enough, he will have to have surgery. 😦 They’ll cut into his calf and also into his achilles lengthening both. To lengthen his achilles, he’ll have to have a bone graft. Recovery will be 6 weeks with NO WEIGHT on the foot, then 6 weeks in a walking boot and then PT. Then, they’ll do the other foot. This could take a whole year (with PT) to complete.

We’re both a bit upset about the possible surgery route. He’s already had two surgeries (tonsil/adenoidectomy). The second one was worse than the first. He DID recover faster, but they really scraped him up when they tried to intubate him. 😦 (He also wasn’t fully out when they tried).

Please, please, please cross your fingers that the stretching will be enough. And if not, that he will have little to no complications with surgery and recovery.


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