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Kar came over last night and we did an exercise/dance tape. We’re both SERIOUSLY white and old. LOL It was fun, even if I could barely do ANY of the moves (sheesh, add in hand movements and you’d think I was “special” *sigh*).

Anyway, not only did I sweat like a stuck pig, I also, SOMEHOW, got a nasty crick in my neck. I’m stiff and sore from just behind my right ear all the way down to my shoulder. Made for a pretty sleepless night and contributed to a minor occular migraine (pixelated arcs make it difficult to see ANYTHING). I don’t know how to get this crick out. It’s driving me bonkers!

I think my body is systematically giving up. Just about every joint or muscle on my right side is screaming. And has been for days, not just since last night. My right hand has been bugging me since Friday. Just my last two fingers and my wrist. If someone shakes my hand it feels like they’re crushing me.

My shoulder and back (under my “wing”) have been killing me for over a month. Feels like I’m being run-through.

I needs to get me to a chiropractor!

Cuz I ain’t takin’ no drugs.

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