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Chasing My Tail

I have so much going on right now.

I have work issues (nothing new or pressing); school issues (again, nothing new or pressing); family issues; house issues and personal issues.

And issues does NOT necessarily mean “bad”.

I’ve got ants in my house and had to empty out my pantry. Which means I have to not only wipe down and clean the shelves, but every single item that was removed. And decide what stays and what can go (and I have a feeling I’ll need to do it with one the cabinets in the kitchen as well). There’s just no time to fully deal with it.

Jacob’s playing soccer for two different leagues and has practice, right now, two days a week. The one league hasn’t even started practices yet…and their games will most likely be on weekends.

Jacob, obviously, gets homework every day that needs to be supervised and/or checked.

Won’t even touch work, cuz I hate it and can’t be objective.

The nerve issue is still on-going. Have therapy 3 days this week (and it may be my last week if the Ortho doesn’t recommend another round) and I am STILL in minor pain (with fleeting moments of OW!) and numb.

I have family plans that take up two weekends this month and one weekend taken with “fun” stuff, so little down time to devote to getting the house cleaned (which annoys the shit outta me) and organized (which prevents me from getting other stuff done). And the Toad wants to monkey with the visitation schedule…AGAIN. I really don’t mind in most cases, but I do mind when the weekend he wants to trade for has already been “spoken for” by me and plans *I* have with Jacob (and at times, others). It’s annoying. He gets Jake 2 weekends a month and can’t schedule himself with that in mind, but we have to rearrange to accomodate him. It’s maddening. Won’t even start on how he hasn’t (and won’t) help with the dental/orthodontia bills. $6k and it’s all mine, aren’t I lucky? :-/

I want to begin crafting again, but finding time for it is near impossible and with everything else I have to do, I just don’t know where to focus first.

I guess I *should* focus on the ant problem, first and foremost as it’s just gotta be dealt with. And, obviously, no one else but me is going to do it.

Boy, I’m whiney today…maybe it’s the rain or being anxious about therapy today (I opened a can of worms with my ortho and them…not to mention Bernie usually hurts me)…

I had intended for this post to try to help me organize my scattered thoughts and I think I just scattered them more!

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