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The Weekend


I stayed home from work because I was flippin’ exhausted. My ass was draggin’. I took my time getting out of bed and then had to endure 2 hours with Inny’s visiting nurses and them asking her questions that she just wouldn’t answer or kept deferring to me. *sigh* She did answer a lot of them, but still left a bit for me. I even told them that I think she does shit for attention. I’m done being nice.

Went to Jacob’s school for the Easter Egg Hunt. What chaos! LOL The kids had a good time tho, so that’s good. I stuck around a little bit afterward and walked home with Jacob. It was a nice walk home. We had a slight detour to Zack’s house as each kid was trying to work getting the other to be able to come over. Zack had to get a hair cut and so did Jake, so that didn’t fly.

After we got home, I cut Jacob’s hair and let him play for a bit. Then he and I went to Hibachi for dinner and ran home hoping he would get a call from Zack to play. Didn’t happen. 😦


We both got showers and ready to go to my sister’s. We were taking the boys for pictures (for my mom). We got a shot with the Easter Bunny and then took them to The Picture People to get some more shots.

They came out SO cute! I had suggested dressing the boys in jeans and white t-shirts. I had seen a friend do this with her whole family and thought they came out so cute. And boy did Jake and Alex look fantastic!!!! I can’t wait to get the link from my sister so I can order a few more. 🙂 There were quite a few meltdowns in the process tho (including one of my own) as Jacob was quite uncooperative. He wanted to hit the card show and would NOT cooperate. As there were others involved in this adventure (and I didn’t drive to the mall) there was no way to remove him from the cardshow. However, he did lose the sleep over at my sister’s and had to help me clean/rearrange the basement the next day.


Got up early, made breakfast and did the dishes! Go me! Jacob and I started on the basement around 10:30-11:00. We got his tracks and car sets sorted (still need to weed a bit more, I think) and all the furniture moved. We had to break at about 2:00 because I was getting frustrated with my desk and couldn’t get it to move anymore. It was about 2 feet from where I wanted it, but I just couldn’t get it to budge anymore. So, I did something totally out of character and asked my neighbor for help. She sent over her husband (who’s help I’d asked for) and a friend of his. Damned if my desk wasn’t where it needed to be in 10 seconds! Woo Hoo! Interesting concept, this whole “help” thing. :-p

After all the furniture was moved (and the 900 loads of laundry done), I released Jacob from his grounding and we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets together (while I sorted Easter grass and decorated the living room – sorta). Just friggin’ can’t sit still!

Jacob is now on Spring Break and I’m back at the shithole today. Hopefully it won’t be too bad as I have an install on the test site today.

Cross your fingers that the day goes quickly and I’m able to actually SLEEP tonite!

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