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The Snowball Effect

I’ve started my Snowball.

And I’m incredibly excited!  🙂  So much so, that I’ve been bouncy, energetic and WEEPY today.  I posted on Dave Ramsey’s Facebook Page that I wasn’t yet Debt-Free (it’s Debt Free Friday), but that I had *just* paid off my first Snowball Bill [braces are paid for, baby!!!]. 

I was so excited to share that! 

FF a bit and I started getting all these notifications that others "liked" what I had written.  Even got a few "congrats" as well.  Well, THAT just set the waterworks to flowin’! 

Who knew a little "you go, girl!" could have that kind of effect?  🙂

It got me motivated to finalize my budget.  I’ve got my envelopes ready to go.  I’m gonna balance the checkbook and fill the envelopes tomorrow! 

I’m motivated!

I’m excited!

I will be DEBT-FREE before 50!

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