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23 – Completion

Oh, there’s always SOMETHING that needs to be completed.  I’ve only "completed" minor things (holiday celebrations and clean-ups).

I need to complete some craft projects.

I need to complete my move to a new building at work (I’m dragging my feet because it’s so stinkin cold!  And I have to get some items out from under my desk, and we have bugs and mice and I’m SO not crawling under there LOL).

This subject is actually hard to do, because I think I touch on it on other days. 

Maybe I need to complete a re-vamp of my 31 Days categories?

23 – Completion

Well, I *did* empty my dining room of craft items, so THAT was completed.

The only things I NEED to complete right now are:

  • wrapping presents
  • making cookies
  • cooking Christmas Dinner
  • Taking M&A to the airport
  • Picking up Auntie Marge
  • Getting the stockings out of the basement
  • Filling them

And that’s it for now…WAY too busy to make this list LOL

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