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Bye Bye Blackie

Blackie is going away today.

He attacked Jacob last night.

REALLY attacked.


Little fucker.

Jacob has two claw marks on his face (left side of mouth); four claw marks on his chest and 4 bite marks and 4 claw marks on his arm. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jacob wail like that before.

(picture is from my cell phone, so quality blows)

Jake was on his bed, playing his DS. The piece of shit cat just ran into his room, jumped on his bed and then jumped on Jake.

This cat is 20 pounds and basically wrapped himself around the upper left side of Jacob.

The cat is lucky my first instincts were to tend to my child and not rip his fucking head off.

As soon as Jacob was bandaged, the cat got thrown outside. He will NOT be let back in.

And after work today, he will be going to the pound.

We both had a good cry that Blackie was going away and more than likely will be put to sleep, but I can not and will not let him do that to anyone else. I should have booted his ass out after he attacked ME like that.

But because I was too soft-hearted, he attacked my baby. NOT ACCEPTABLE. And I’m dripping in guilt *sigh*

I’m sorry, Blackie. I think you had great potential to be a loving kitty, but you continually “bit the hand that fed you”.




Chi-Chi is doing MUCH better. He was chasing a bell-ball around the house at 5 am this morning. 🙂 Not really the ideal time for such frolicking, but I was up anyway, so it was cute (and a good sign he’s feeling/getting better).

He’s still a bastard to give medicine to. Apparently, he scratched the crap out of my leg yesterday morning. I didn’t even feel it, but it can sure SEE it. Oy.

While giving him his medicine this morning, I pretty much had to sit on him. He still managed to wriggle out of my grasp and spray the pink medicine all over the floor. While wiping it up, it took some gunk off the floor. Pretty nasty when you think about it.

Neck/Nerve Pain:

Went to my orthopedist yesterday. He has “cleared” me. I finish out my scheduled PT and then I’m done unless it flares up. I’m a bit peeved considering the tip of my right index finger is STILL numb. Not intermittently-numb. 24/7-numb. It’s weird. He says it’s due to carpal tunnel and to just keep up with the exercises.

I see my PT today. Hopefully he won’t hurt me (again). He hurt me badly on Wednesday. So much so, that I felt it ALL DAY yesterday and took a percocet before bed. Yep, still messes with me. I couldn’t sleep. I was tired, but all I could do was doze. AND I have the weirdest effin dreams. Not weird in content but in execution. I get flashes. Like 1-second flashes. Faces, places, pictures…almost like someone has a slide show on super fast forward. I was equally upset and relieved when the alarm when off this morning.


Jacob started with spacers on Wednesday. He’ll eventually be fitted for a palate expander, which he’ll wear for 12-15 months. Upper and lower expanders actually, but upper to begin with.

I had an adjustment done yesterday and FELT it from jump for the first time in a while. The left side of my mouth is rather tender. But I’m getting excited for the end of my orthodontia journey. The count-down begins! (6 months!!!)

The House:

Since I had been “cleared” by my orthopedist, I WAS planning on cleaning and rearranging Jacob’s room (and YES I was going to ask for help), but I decided that would be pushing it a bit. Last thing I need is to hurt myself again. So, I’m going to stick with smaller things that I CAN do with relatively little chance of injury. I’m going to weed out the clothes in Jacob’s drawers and mine. Anything that doesn’t fit is going. I don’t care if it’s ONLY a size too small, it goes. I’m tired of storing shit that doesn’t fit. I don’t have unlimited space!

I’m also going to do a tiny bit of landscaping. And by a “tiny bit” I mean getting the ONE bag of mulch that I was short for the front beds, replant my mini xmas tree, and maybe frame out a bit for my back flower beds. MAYBE. I’d like to cut back some of the bushes, but think I need to do that when they’re done their flowering cycle or I”ll kill them. Obviously, gardening is not one of my stronger “hobbies”. Oh, and I have to weed a bit…all depends on the weather this weekend (can’t do outside when it’s HOT. Two bouts with sun-poison and hypoglycemia are all the “warnings” I need to be smarter about being outside…and YES I DID have sunscreen on…SPF 70! tyvm…I’m just too damn fair :-/)

I also need to get the computer, router, modem and printer OUT of my bedroom. I’m tired of them being there. I just have to decide whether I’m going to have cable run to the desk in the dining room or not. Leaning toward “yes” as that’s where Jacob’s computer will be set up. Need to decide where the printer is going. Probably to the basement as it’s easier to have it there than any place else. Someday I’ll have an actual den/office for this kind of stuff…


I should be getting my HUGE bead order tomorrow. I have MANY MANY projects planned for those. I’ve even got two orders for my crystal bracelets. 🙂 As it stands, here are the CONFIRMED bead projects:

~*~Dragonfly pendant (may make a few)
~*~Halloween bracelets
~*~Winter bracelets
~*~Patriotic bracelets
~*~Spring bracelets
~*~Angel pendants
~*~Swag necklaces
~*~Witch’s Rosary

I think that’s it. LOL

I’m hoping to work on my day planner this weekend. Couldn’t find one that had everything I wanted, so I designed my own. All the computer work is done, just need to cover the binder and put it all together. 🙂

I need to get up-to-date with my braces scrapbook and begin one for Jacob. I also need to decide whether I’m doing subject-centered scrapbooks or yearly, all-encompassing ones. I’m leaning more toward the latter as it should have everything in one place for the year. I should probably begin looking for the stuff for Jacob’s Christmas List 2007…as it will probably be the last “Santa List” *sob*

I also need to decide if getting the Scrapbox would be a smart or impulse purchase. It’s expensive as hell, but it does EVERYTHING I’ve been trying to do to get organized and functional. I had thought about saving for it and only getting it once I’d started really scrapping again and after losing the 30 pounds I’ve put on in the last year. :-p


My car is overdue for an oil change, so I need to schedule that. It also did something funky last night where it stalled-out seconds after turning over and took several attempts to restart. Hasn’t done it since, but I’m still a tad concerned.

I also broke the damn AUX jack after the mini-to-mini cable got caught in my steering wheel and ripped the damn jack outta my stereo. So, gotta get THAT fixed too. *sigh*

Ok, I think I’m done updating myself as to what I need/planned to do…hopefully I can knock a lot out without injuring myself or killing my bank account. 🙂

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