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Oh yeah! Braces Update

Had an appointment yesterday.

All is well. Karen replaced the bracket that had fallen off. My bottoms are FINALLY moving and straightening out, just being stubborn (don’t know WHERE it comes from :-p)

I mentioned that I was starting to notice a gap in my upper teeth (between my eye tooth and the molar; left side). Dr. C took a look and determined my retainer was the culprit, so I got molded and will be getting a new retainer. Probably one similar to invisalign(TM). Wonder if I will have to start over with wearing it 24/7? Guess I’ll find out next week.

Still no idea when they might finally come off, but I’m not holding my breath. I have two appointments scheduled, so that puts me out into April now :-/

I KNOW the journey will end, but good lord, I think it’s one of the longest!

No pictures anymore because you really can’t see the bottom teeth when I smile anyway.

Orthodontia: Me

Well, my teeth are coming along.

I am now down to “nights only” for my upper retainer. However, combination of not brushing after I eat and the pointy wire has caused the retainer to start to poke a hole in my one molar. Have to have the dentist look at it and begin restorative processes. FUN. NOT

My bottom teeth are being VERY stubborn. My lower #2’s are just NOT turning. I’ve been chained 2-6 on the left. And both #2’s have been ligature tied.

My mouth HURTS. Especially the left side.

However, it will ALL be worth it in the end.

Just wish the end was a tad closer…


Ok, FINALLY a side-by-side comparison of the Brace Adventure

*** BEFORE ******************************** AFTER ***

I really hate that I can’t arrange these the way I want to on here.

Final count?

Braces were on for:

2 years
10 months
2 days

And sadly, I gained about 20 pounds in that time. Hopefully I can lose it all (and more!) before the bottoms come off! 😉

The countdown continues for the bottoms…

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me! 🙂


You guessed it!



Ok, just the tops came off, but they’re OFF!!!! They’re straight!

I’m SO excited.

When I went in, the doc asked me if there were any problems. And I whined that they were rubbing in new places, my one tooth was sore and I was just REALLY ready for them to come off.

After he said “whine, whine, whine” he looked in my mouth and said, “I don’t have a problem with that!”


And then Karen started popping the brackets off and removing the glue. Was NOT very pleasant (especially on my one tooth), but remarkably, I was done in less than an hour.

I have been laughing, crying and smiling since about noon yesterday! I look so different!!!!!

I am just TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!

not the greatest shot, as it was taken with my cell while I was driving :-p

Pictures, as Promised

Yesterday was action-packed, man.

I had an orthodontist appointment during my lunch. I’m up to the “finishing wire” on top and a new wire on bottom. The wire on the bottom is to help pull my teeth up and out (they’re wavy vertically as well as crooked) and the finishing wire is to keep everything straight and pull out my #3’s (canines) up top.

There IS an end in sight…thank the gods!

After work, I grabbed Jacob and we went to go visit Bonnie. She looks good!!!!! She was alert and SO happy to see us! Even Jacob. She and Jacob have a love/hate relationship. He loves her very much and she hates that he wants to be in her face. However, she let him pet her and pet her and pet her and would answer him every time he called her name. 🙂 She went to the West Chester Clinic last night with one of the vet techs so she could have an ultrasound done today. Cross your fingers the ultrasound gives us something to go on. I miss my baby girl and wanna bring her home 😦 (It was REALLY hard for both Jacob and I to leave her yesterday).

Jacob had baseball practice (RIGHT after we visited Bonnie). He had a VERY rough start to practice because he was afraid of the ball (he was afraid he’d get hit in the nose again…and to be honest, so was I!) But, once he got over his fear, he was catching and throwing and actually doing pretty well! He’s MUCH better at fielding grounders than catching pop-ups, but hey, he’s a year behind these kids (couldn’t play last year due to a broken wrist) AND he’s trying. I can’t say he’s trying REALLY hard, but he’s trying.

When it comes to running the bases, he seems to have a natural rhythm going. He’s quick and ALWAYS hits the bags with the proper foot. Don’t know how he manages to do that, because I’d fall.

Once we got home, he needed to finish some homework and my friend, Carl, needed help wtih his Economics homework. 8-} I was going nuts trying to help both of them AND deal with the damn bite marks on Jacob’s body. He looks like he’s being eaten alive by SOMETHING, but what, we don’t know. I think it’s ants and if it is, I’m going to KILL TERMINIX. I’m paying over $400 a year for them to treat my house and yard, there shouldn’t be even ONE FUCKING ANT IN MY HOUSE. x-(

After that, I finally took pictures of the sink piping in my kitchen.

See! Isn’t it pretty????

I just have the dishwasher to hook up and an angle bit to find so I can get the facing panels installed (you can see them on the front of the sink cabinet). They need to be screwed in in the middle, but the sink basin is in the way, so I can’t get a drill or a screw driver in there. :-/

I still have to put everything BACK into the kitchen, put the dining room and living room back in order AND mow the lawn before my mom comes up, so she doesn’t try to do all that while I’m gone…


Braces Update

Jacob and I both went to the orthodontist yesterday. He to get his bottom expander, me for a regular adjustment.

Jacob did really well with the installation. He was in SERIOUS clown mode, but otherwise not too bad.

As for me, they DIDN’T come off as I’d hoped. :-/ However, they tied my uppers in a “figure 8”. That means, no more ligature tie chains. Each bracket got a single ligature tie. First time EVER on the top! Me thinks I see an end in sight!! Woo Hoo!

Bottoms were done as usual. Two outer incisors (?) were tied with wire and then the ligature ties to help them finishing turning outward. They are REALLY coming along as they both had to turn nearly 90 degrees to straighten out!

Jacob had a bit of a frustration eating dinner. We opted for pastina since we were a tad sore. Unfortunately, the pastina was too hot for him AND kept getting caught under his lower expander, so it was REALLY hot (imagine getting hot pasta stuck under your tongue). He had a bit of a meltdown (no pun intended) and I let him have ice cream for dinner. I know, bad mom! But he was crying and whining and I just wasn’t in the mood for it. He DID go back and finish his pastina…and then found potato bites and a piece of pizza. As well as some snack chips. I think he’ll be fine 😉

We’ll see how he does today. I’m usually more sore the next couple of days, so I imagine he will be too. Guess we’ll be having soup for dinner tonite 😉

Braces Update

Had my braces adjusted yesterday.

Let’s just say “OW!”

Karen started by removing the ligature ties, upper and lower, and then removed my upper wire. She did this because one of my brackets had popped off.


She cleaned (scrapped) the epoxy off my tooth and then I waited for the orthodontist.

The orthodontist repositioned my broken bracket and Karen finished the epoxy process.

I got heavier wires on both upper and lower. Top chained 6-to-6, bottom, no chains but tied my two bottom incisors to help untie the mess. The new wire on the bottom will help to round out the jaw a bit more.

My teeth hurt from the moment the ligature ties were applied, so it should be a rather uncomfortable next few days. :-/

But I’ll be beautiful in the end, right? :-p

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