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Bonnie Came for a Visit

Had an extremely weird dream last night.

Lots of friends I haven’t seen in ages. And moving. And sinking boats…

Must have been the percogesic. Me and the percocet family of drugs do NOT get along very well. Hence, my limited use of drugs. However, I was desperate…damn pniched nerve.

Anyway, I digress…

At some point in my dream, I was riding in a car with a friend. We were moving from somewhere, but driving rather fast like we were running away, but from what, I don’t know.

Anyway, BONNIE was in the car with us. 🙂 She was in the backseat with me. I noticed her leaning on the door looking out the window. I grabbed her, because I thought she was gonna go out the window (it was open) but I also wanted to cuddle her.

It was nice. 🙂 My bebe finally visited me like I asked her to 🙂

And I’m such a dork that I’m crying over it.

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