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Take Your Child To Work Day

Since I’m not allowed to bring my son in here anymore (bastards), I took my neighbor’s daughter.

Bobbie and I had a grand time. She loved touring the test site and getting all the info from the guys (Dan, Joe, Joey D). We even had lunch with them. 🙂

Jacob was friggin PISSED that he couldn’t go. I don’t blame him, but what can I do?

I’ll tell you. I’ve made tentative plans to bring him in on a Friday over the summer. Will keep in contact with Dan and try to determine what’s the best day and I’ll take the day OFF but bring Jacob in so there’s no bullshit about it being a work day for me.

Pictures below…(I just realized I didn’t get any of her and I together!)

Bobbie with the SCU

Bobbie and Dan

Bobbie and one of the engines

Bobbie and Joe

Bobbie and the guys

Bobbie and Joey D

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