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31 Things, Updated

I’ve updated my list since I originally started this (and then fell off the wagon).  Hopefully this list will be a little more thought out and easier to keep up with.

  1.         Hobbies

  2.         Things to Improve

  3.         Reflection

  4.         Health/Fitness

  5.         Upcoming Events

  6.         Work

  7.        Finances

  8.        Friends/Family

  9.        Wish List

10.       Progress Check

11.       The World Around Me/News

12.       Home

13.       Successes

14.       Spiritual Life

15.       Maintenance

16.      Books/Movies

17.      101 in 1001 (Progress)

18.      Blessings

19.      Frustrations

20.      Progress Check

21.      Jacob

22.      The Future

23.      Pets

24.      Me

25.      Good Deeds

26.      Trying Something New

27.      Purging/Cleaning/Organizing

28.      Travel

29.      Relationships

30.      Progress Check

31.      My Favorite Things


Hmmm…the third day and I’m already on Reflection?  Sheesh!

There’s been a lot that’s happened in the last few months.  My aunt died.  My son is FINALLY done with his orthopedic journey (although, we do have a "spine doctor" follow up this week).  My house is going through some changes…my relationships are going through changes (some good, some bad), my work life has gone through some changes…

But nothing really worth "reflecting" upon.  At least, not yet.

So, at the risk of this being a wasted/cheater post, I’m just going to agree to reflect next month (when there’s more to work with)…

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