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Work has been great since my move.

I’m happier, don’t feel sick every Sunday night, work with some great people.  It’s great.  My boss is human, yet still management 😉

I’m supposed to be completely certified in XYZ by the end of April and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen 😦  Not for lack of trying, but some things just aren’t going to get done and I feel bad about possibly letting my boss down.  My old boss?  I’d have purposely hosed, just to make him look bad.

Actually, that’s not completely true, but I’d think about it. :-p

One of my favorite things about my new "home" are Family Fridays.  We all bring our lunches Monday thru Thursday, but we order and eat as a family on Fridays.  It sounds silly, but I *really* enjoy it.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss my friends from my old building (a lot), but I’m diggin’ the family-oriented atmosphere.  It’s MY kind of thing and makes me feel like I belong.  I think I’d been missing that.  I worked for small companies before coming to the SCSH…this new group gives me back the small company feel 🙂

Let’s hope I continue to enjoy it.  I was seriously considering leaving totally and pursing a completely different career path…it’s really too late in life to change my mind and start over!

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