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Wish List

Ooh…this could get long…

Ok, I’m just going to free-form list…maybe next month, I’ll categorize…

new bathroom
winning lottery ticket
a finished craft room/office
a clean basement
lawn service (I hate mowing.  And weeding.)
Time to do that
again, time to do them…in fact, we’ll just assume I want time for any crafty thing i post, k?
Thread Tux
Neato Tool
Celtic Stuff
Dragonfly Needle Box
a bunch of crafty patterns that aren’t available anymore 😦
um, an oil change (hopefully this weekend)
a landscaped yard
a new shed?  (or at least new doors)
help putting up a ceiling fan/ceiling medallion
a saws-all
a nail gun
a miter saw
a circular saw
lights in my utility room
new light bulbs for the basement lights (yeah, halogens last years…my ass!)
a nifty tool for changing those damn pot lights
a wider driveway
new back door
a deck
someone to take the effin hospital bed already!
finished kitchen
a really deep, claw-foot tub
the services of an interior decorator
a white picket fence (hate the damn chain link one)
an axe or chainsaw
another PAX closet system for my big closet
to go to Ireland
access to a truck
new curtains (whole house)
new furniture

ok…i’m drawing a blank (and this list is getting ridiculous).  I’ll organize next time (and probably add more!)

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