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The World Around Me/News

Well, I haven’t been watching much news.  Just what I hear on the radio, see on facebook or happen to catch as I’m flipping channels (which ain’t much, cuz I don’t watch much TV).

The biggest topics lately are the potential government shutdown, due to lack of budget (damn DEMS) and, locally, the young boy who was seriously injured in a hit and run.

Obviously, the whole shutdown/budget thing affects me most directly.  There’s a possibility, if there’s a shutdown, that I will be working without a paycheck until it’s resolved.  Now, I know when this happened (under Clinton’s presidency) it was only a couple of days.  And I know that the likelihood of it happening now is slim, but the idea of having NO INCOME is frightening.  How will I pay my bills?  Will I lose my house?  Shit and if I’m not the only one this is happening to, is the whole economy going to crash because everyone will lose their houses.  And THAT is why I don’t think the govt will really shut down.  Our economy can’t afford for that to happen.  (and yes, it burns my ass that congress AND THE PRESIDENT will continue to get paid, but all furloughed and other govt workers AND OUR SOLDIERS! will not…some law was passed that no one can get paid if the govt shuts down…but again, those aholes in power made sure THEY were exempt).  Next election, they need to "clean house" (and senate).  We keep electing the same self-serving pricks.  Write in a new "prick" next election.  Time for ALL NEW blood.  This is ridiculous.

If you look back in history, all the major powers had a BIG crash and burn.  Rome being the largest I can recall.  I love my country.  I love my freedoms, but if things don’t start changing, we won’t HAVE a country.  I really don’t think this is what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they signed the Declaration.

Ugh, if I dwell on this much longer, I’ll get seriously depressed…

So, I’m going to move on to AO.

AO is an 8th grader in my son’s school.  A month or so ago, he and 3 girls were hit and thrown 90+ feet by a man who’s license had been revoked for diabetes-induced vision problems.  The girls are doing well, but AO was airlifted to CHOP and in a coma for a long time.  I think I read that his heart had stopped FOUR TIMES that first weekend.

My gawd!  HOW that family kept is sanity is beyond me.  I’d be inconsolable and out for blood.

The GREAT news?  He’s awake and being moved to rehab!  No longer in ICU!  How freaking cool is THAT?!  He’s not "home-free", but damn, he’s come a long way.

Keep up the good work, A.  We’re all praying for you!

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