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Spiritual Life

I *so* need to get back to my rituals.

I need the peace and connections.

I found my willow runes when I moved my office from the dining room to Inny’s old room.

I have all my books on a bookshelf in my walk-in closet.  All my tools.

The only thing missing is me (and time…but I have to *make* time to do the things I want/enjoy…and I will).

Many people shake their heads at me or wonder how I rationalize a scientific foundation with magic.

I don’t necessarily believe in "magic", I believe in the power of self and what *I* am able to do, with a little bit of focus and ritual.  I need/like rituals. 

And believe it or not, I DO believe in fairies (clapped my little hands off for Tinkerbell) :-p  I more so believe in angels and spirits, but I don’t think all things mythical and paranormal are necessarily figments of one’s imagination.  They may no longer exist in our time, but who’s to say they didn’t at some other point time?  They didn’t have cameras to take pictures way back when, hell, at some points in time they didn’t even have WORDS to record things.


There’s a beauty in the craft and a sense of peace when just listening to the world around me, not trying to force meaning into everything. 

Just being.

And I miss it.

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