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Progress Check-In (1-10)

1.  Hobbies:  Been mostly working on my Celtic Summer project.  Have almost caught up with the beading.  Probably by the end of next week, I will be able to stitch and bead as I go.

2.  Things to Improve:  Yeah, I haven’t even looked at that list since I wrote it.  Bad Jen!

3.  Reflection:  Seriously, I’m just starting this again…not much to reflect upon other than I’m SO not good at keeping up with this on a daily basis…

4.  Health/Fitness:  I’ve been walking with my neighbor.  Doing a lot of sweeping/mopping/vacuuming…but that’s about it.  Maybe I’ll start with the sit-ups tonight…

5.  Upcoming Events:  Didn’t do the craft stuff with the girls this weekend.  Actually, not true, Crafty Mom came over Saturday night and we cross stitched while watching (and singing along to) Chicago and Mama Mia!

6.  Work:  Status quo.  Not a bad thing 😉

7.  Finances:  GRR looming gov’t shutdown hasn’t touched me yet, but I’m panicking already.

8.  Friends/Family:  Since I just did that entry today…

9.  Wish List:  Again, just did the entry today, haven’t gotten ANYTHING on my list

Not too bad, but still a good idea to check-in every now and again. 🙂

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