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My house is actually starting to get a little better.  It’s *mostly* clean.  There’s clutter, but there’s no garbage.  Some stuff has overflown from the office/craft room until I get stuff out of there.  And there is at least ONE thing in my living room that I was holding for someone to come get, but it’s been a friggin year already, so it’s going out in the trash on Monday.  I’m not a storage facility.

Both of our bedrooms are a tip, but mine is mostly because I’m using it as Goodwill Donation Central.  Boxes and bags galore…waiting for me to get my shit together and make a delivery (or CALL to have someone come get it).  Jake’s is a disaster cuz he’s a slob.  Must be a boy thing.  At least there’s no food up there (I hope).

The basement is a disaster, but it’s starting to show progress.  I can’t wait until it shows more!!!

I had considered letting Jacob take over the whole basement once I finish moving into the office upstairs, but now I’m thinking about setting it up as a home gym.  One that we can both use.  My only concern/fear is other people’s kids trying to touch stuff.  I mean, it’s not like I have a whole lot of equipment (yoga stuff, a heavy bag and a mat), but I kids need to learn that "if’n it ain’t yers, keep your grubby paws to yerself!"

Slowly, very slowly, I’m reclaiming my house.

I still have a HUGE TO DO list of things, just in relation to the house, but it’s getting smaller 😉

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