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27 – Purging/Cleaning/Organizing

Well, i HAVE been doing something…

Purging…eh, not really good at this.  I need to *really* go through my crafting supplies and pare down.  I need to go through Jacob’s clothing and do the same thing.  Booger grew about 4 inches this year!

Cleaning…been cleaning a lot lately.  I’m not always on top of everything, but I can usually get the downstairs rooms "Company Ready" within an hour, so that’s something.

Organizing…I have started the Great Whole House Rearrangement of 2011.  I moved a large piece of furniture from my basement to my dining room.  I had originally bought it to hold 12 x 12 paper (for scrapbooking) but it wasn’t deep enough *sigh*  I decided to turn it into a china cabinet instead.  So, I emptied it last week and took it apart (that took about 2 hours to do).  Then, yesterday, I moved all the pieces into the dining room, reassembled it and filled it with my dishes.  I’m quite happy with the results.  Now, to get the computer and office supplies out of my dining room.  I think I’m going to put them back into the basement and turn my craft area into an office/craft area.  I seemed to use it more when everything was down there, so I want to try it again…


Granemo Before (filled with craft supplies)


Granemo After (filled with dishes)

Now to decide what to work on next…

26 – Trying Something New

I don’t think I did anything new.

Oh wait, I tried Almond Butter. 

I like it!  🙂

25 – Good Deeds

I have done ZERO in the last 31 days.

I’m a lousy human being…NOT.

Just busy with my own issues.  When I get them under control, I will help others.


24 – Me

I’m a bitch.

I’m a tad selfish.

I can’t stand victims who CHOOSE to be victims.

I have ZERO patience.

I am a pseudo-perfectionist (I’m learning).

I frustrate easily.

I anger easily.

I cry when I’m happy, sad, touched…

Rudeness will put me into orbit.

I mentally cringe when people speak badly ("I seen him do it")

I’m not perfect, but  I hate when people misuse words such as, a lot; they’re, their, there; your, you’re

I LIKE not being married.

I LOVE being a mom.

I HATE when people try to take advantage of me.

I am vindictive.

I have a juvenile sense of humor…sometimes.  (think Beevis & Butthead)

I don’t really get along well with people my own age.

I love children, but most of them make me want to duct tape them and throw them in a closet.

I have an eclectic music collection.

I like paranormal romances.

I believe in ME.

I don’t believe in "God".

God knows this. (bwahahahahaha)

I have a sick sense of humor.

I will laugh at inappropriate moments.

I like chocolate.

I like to cook.

I like gadgets.

I like taking things apart.

I like making things.

I equally like destroying things.

I like stuffed animals.

I have a pinched nerve in my neck.

I have a tendency to do things BEFORE asking for help and then hurting myself.

I’m impatient.

I hate admitting that I CAN’T do something.

There isn’t much I will admit to not being able to do. (:-p)

I am a loyal friend.

And a frightening enemy.

I have a tendency to react badly to idiocy.

I hate speaking in public.

I really don’t like crowds.

Other people can ruin things for me, instantly (see "crowds").

I don’t watch much TV.

I read a lot.

And usually nothing "good".

I’m fat and really don’t give two shits right now.

I’d make a LOUSY nurse (because I’d kill my first whiney-maggot patient).

I like to make up my own words and phrases ("OOPing" is one).

I’m kinda sick and tired of talking about myself now.


23 – Completion

Oh, there’s always SOMETHING that needs to be completed.  I’ve only "completed" minor things (holiday celebrations and clean-ups).

I need to complete some craft projects.

I need to complete my move to a new building at work (I’m dragging my feet because it’s so stinkin cold!  And I have to get some items out from under my desk, and we have bugs and mice and I’m SO not crawling under there LOL).

This subject is actually hard to do, because I think I touch on it on other days. 

Maybe I need to complete a re-vamp of my 31 Days categories?

22 – Looking Ahead

I’m going to use this one to keep track of the things I need to finish between now and the next 22nd…

So, what happened LAST 22nd?

Orthodontist (me)
Take M & A to the Airport
Pick up Auntie Marge
Cook Christmas Dinner
Clean up after dinner
Plan New Year’s Eve Kids’ Party
Have Family Chrsitmas at my Mom’s
Inny’s birthday
Jacob’s Geography Bee (Round 2)
Put away Christmas
Start planning Jacob’s Birthday
Jacob to Orthopedist (cast removal!!!)
Start cleaning my big closet (to begin the Great Whole House Rearrangement of 2011!)

Hey wow!  I did most of it.  Granted, I pretty much "stacked the deck" but still :-p

What’s to be done until the NEXT 22nd…

Linkin Park!
Tiger to Vet
File taxes
Start planning Jacob’s Birthday
Get Nizzy’s birthday present
Get Uncle Eric’s birthday present
Get Uncle Steve’s birthday present
Mail all gifts (except Nizzy’s, I can GIVE her hers 😉
Two scrapbooking Crops
Jake to the Flyers
Me to the Orthodontist
Jacob’s BIRTHDAY!!!!!
More cleaning
Maybe a serious IKEA run
Major purging and donating

Well, that’s all that’s on the books right now.  I’ll probably have other things to add, but there stands my list right now …

21 – Jacob

As usual, I’m playing catch-up…

Let’s see…

Jacob made it to Round 2 of his school’s Geography Bee.  Sadly, he didn’t make it to Round 3, but he was so happy for two of his friends who did (how cool is that?!).

He’s been doing spectacularly well with his recovery.  He’s now out of the cast and in a cam boot.  For a little over a week more, then he’s back into regular shoes!  My baby has two feet again!!!!  He’s actually walking and doing some exercises on his own.  He starts physical therapy tonight.  Hopefully, he won’t be too sore tomorrow…

He’s doing well in school.  He just finished his first semester, so I should be seeing a report card soon.  I think he went down in a couple of subjects, but is still above a B in everything, so I’m not too concerned.

He made me very proud last week. 

Since his latest surgery, not many of his "friends" have been over to see him, let alone invited him to join them with anything.  But Tuesday (I think), N saw us coming home and said, "Hey Jake!  You wanna go to E’s with me??"  Jake was quite excited about it and went inside to change, in that time, N’s brother, K came over.  He wanted to play video games.

Now, K is the ONLY kid who has consistently either come over to play with Jake or invited Jake to come play at his house.  (And he’s the younger brother, so no one wants to play with him 😦   poor kid, he really is sweet).

Jake was torn and I told him it was HIS choice to make.

And he made the one I hoped he would.

He told N that he was going to stay and play video games with K.

Obviously, the weather and the cast were a factor in the decision, but he DID recognize K was a true friend through it all and he rewarded loyalty with loyalty.

He IS paying attention!  LOL

Now, I’m not saying N and the rest of the clan are BAD friends.  I just think they’re typical, insensitive almost-teenage boys.  Once Jake is completely mobile again, I’m sure they’ll all be back to playing football, riding bikes, playing baseball, whatever.  But I don’t think Jake will ever forget the abandonment.  He can forgive it, but he won’t forget it.

Wish his mama could say the same…

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