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5 – Upcoming Events

Alrighty, I think I used this category under Looking Ahead last month.  But I’ll re-iterate here and try to use Looking Ahead for it’s intended purpose (which I’ll figure out soon LOL) later this month.

Let’s see:

This Week:

  • Need to mail my ornaments for my two exchanges
  • N’s birthday is tomorrow (need to make a card)
  • Gimpy has a doc appointment on Weds to check the progress of his feet (healing) and get the next cast (walking).
  •   needs a ride to the doc on Thursday
  • Gimpy goes to his dad’s on Friday
  • I get paid Friday (which means bills will need to be paid)

Next Week:

  • Ha!  An open week!  Woo Hoo!  We’ll see how long that lasts…

Later This Month:

  • Company Holiday Party on 21st.
  • Orthodontist Appointment on 23rd
  • Another payday, another set of bills to pay
  • Gimpy starts Winter Break
  • That Greedy Little Holiday
  • I may take a few days off btwn xmas and new year’s
  • NH’s bday
  • New Year’s Eve party for the munchkins

Next Month:

  • Holiday Dinner at my mom’s
  • Inny’s bday
  • Dentist

Ok, that helps a bit.  Not like any of you give two shits what I’m doing, but *I* need more than one place to organize/access this info, so this works.  🙂

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