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28 – Socialzing/Travel

I’ve been hanging with friends more lately.  Met up with a friend I haven’t seen in years two weeks ago.  It was nice to see her and her kids again 🙂

Been going to my Crafty Ladies Meet on Saturdays too.  Working on my cross stitch (really should post an updated pic, I’ve made quite a bit of progress!)

Other than taking Jake to physical therapy, that’s about the extent of my traveling lately, but that’s ok.  We’ve been getting bombarded with "weather" so it makes travel a tad difficult, and I’m too lazy to care about digging myself out to get anywhere.  :-p

we’ll see how I do in the coming months 😉

28 – Socializing/Travel

Well, the economy being what it is, and my paycheck being what it is (relative to the medical and other bills coming in), there is no *real* travel in my immediate future.

This is ok.  I *love* to travel, but I don’t like to leave my Widget, so…travel is on hold until Mr. Gimpy rejoins the world of the "sound of body".

Besides, until I get my finances completely under control, BIG TRAVEL PLANS will have to remain plans. 

However, my DREAM TRIP is IRELAND!!!  I can see us doing it, but I want to have at least two weeks to take in as much as I can and the needed funds to enjoy it all…so that means I have to SAVE LIKE A  MOFO.  (Aren’t you all just LOVING my use of capitals today?!? <vbg>)

I want to see Dublin, and just wander the hills (looking for fairies, of course 😉 I even want to try a proper Guiness.  I’ll probably puke, but at least I can say I tried one.  And Gimpy has reached a good traveling age.  He’d be tons of fun to enjoy everything in Ireland.

So, that’s my BIG TRAVEL PLAN…it will take a few years to come to fruition, but it WILL happen.

There are no little travel plans (see how I did that there, CAPS for the BIG stuff and lower case for the little stuff, I’m clever like that).  The only little travel plans on my horizon are to go visit my mother for our family xmas…

As for socializing, I took a BIG step this weekend and invited a few friends over to craft (on Saturday).  Now, this may not seem like a big thing to most, but I am a hermit lately AND it required cleaning.  Cleaning and BDW do NOT play well together.  At. All.

I kept cleaning under control and just did what I deemed was extremely necessary (and a little of the "it would be nice if").  The result was something I could live with and not feel too self-conscience about company seeing.

My friends each worked on something different.  One a sewing project, the other some jewelry.  I finished making my ornaments for my ornament exchanges and worked a bit more on my holiday cards (just need to add the finishing touches).  We had a great time and it was nice to finally use mycraft room again!  It isn’t perfect (which is driving me nuts), but it’s functional and I plan to use it more often (and I’m SO happy to get all my crafting crap OUT of my dining room!)

Also, on the socialing horizon, I have a Cool Yule party with my friend, Gigglepants, and her daughter, B.  Was invited to a baby shower for a friend, but I am supposed to have my nephew this weekend (although, recently discovered THAT may not happen), so wasn’t able to go (thankfully, I sent a gift, so I’m not a total jerk for not going).  Other than The Queen’s Croppers pollyanna dinner, that’s about it until next year (which is FINE with me)…

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