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3 – Reflection

considering it’s December, it’s probably not a bad idea to reflect upon the past year…

It’s been a good one, despite all the medical drama.  Gimpy’s feet are now fixed (well, we’ll find out for sure about the right foot on Wednesday); I’ve got a new doctor who actually LISTENS when I talk.

gimpy and I have changed our schedules and for the most part, made them work for us. 

I’ve let Mama Bear come out a little more often (mostly because she’s a little hard to control, but also because my son needs to SEE me defend him).

I’ve started crafting more and hanging out with friends more.  I am a hermit.  It’s been bad in the last few years.  I’m not a "people person" but I do like to have fun with my friends.  I need to hang out MORE, so I guess I should add that to my "Things to Improve" list…

I’ve got something rather important to me in my life (besides Gimpy).  We have our issues (subscriptions?), but our relationship works right now.

Work has the potential to improve for me.  If not, that is something I will just have to *suck up* until I’m in a position to leave.  It will be hard to leave the soft benefits and pension, but it’s a complete waste of time and money to not have a job that utilzes the part of my brain that I spent 8 years and close to $100K "training". 

Eh, again, I’m getting bored with my topic, so I’m going to stop.

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